The Ancient Lyre

The Ancient Lyre: a collection of old, new and original Church Music. Under the approbation of the Professional Musical Society in Boston. Arranged and composed by Ch. Zeuner, organist at Park Street Church, and to the Handel and Haydn Society.

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Prefatory Material
Score (pp.7-46)
Score (pp.47-86)
Score (pp.87-126)
Score (pp.127-166)
Score (pp.167-206)
Score (pp.207-246)
Score (pp.247-256, 265-295)
Score (pp.296-326)
Score (pp.327-358 end)
Complete Score
Prefatory material
Score (pp.7-165)
Score (pp.166-361)

Charles Zeuner

Charles Zeuner was an organist and composer active in Germany for a time, and then inBoston and Philadelphia in the United States. ...