New and Complete Instructions for the Flute

Dressler's New and Complete Instructions for the Flute, comprising A treatise on the Rudiments of Music, Rules for forming the Tone, with Gamuts containing the best modes of fingering all the Notes and Shakes. Full Instructions for The Several Varieties of Single & Double Tonguing for Aspiration, Articulation, Respiring, Harmonies, Appogiaturas [sic], Gliding & other Graces, &c. Illustrated with numerous Examples And a Careful Selection of Twenty Seven Themes for one or two Flutes, Consisting of Popular Airs & Original Subjects by the Author in the most useful Major & Minor Keys, with a Scale ... more

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Raphael Dressler Books Flute Classical

Raphael Dressler

Raphael Dressler was a well known performer and teacher in London from 1820 to 1834. His flute method, New and Complete Instructions ...