Il scolaro di Gasparo Zannetti per imparar a suonare di violino, et altri stromenti

According to Grove Music, this method contains "a collection of dances in four parts (mostly violin, two violas and cello) for learning the violin". For now, the quartets have been tagged for the instrumentation given, but since it says "mostly" violin, 2 violas, and cello, the rest will have to be tagged if the full original work is ever uploaded. Also, a WorldCat entry says "any suitable combination of instruments may be used", so it has also been tagged for open instrumentation.

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Aria del Gran Duca
Gallaria d 'Amor, Bassa gioiosa

Gasparo Zanetti

Gasparo Zanetti life data can be limited only by his known works. 1626 he published a two-part version of an original three-part ...