Piano Works

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Marche (E-flat major)
Française (contredanse)
Valse mélancolique
Valse (E-flat major)
Cosaque (Kazachok)
Valse brilliante
Variations sur l'air russe "Винят меня в народе"("I am accused among the people")
La rêve de la Esmeralda (fantasia)
Galop (G major, based on themes from the opera Esmeralda)
Marche (G minor, from the opera Esmeralda)
2 Dances (on themes from Esmeralda):No. 1. Polka-Mazurka; No. 2 (Mazurka (D major)
2 Nouvelles mazurkas (C major, G major)
La Poste (quadrille française)
Polka (B-flat major)
Scherzo (F minor)
Пылкость и хладнокровие = Ardour & Indifference (Scherzo)
Snuffbox Waltz
Song without Words
Fantasia on themes from Glinka's A Life for the Tsar
Valse (G major)
Ты и вы = "Thou" and "You" (1st arrangement of the composer's song)
Ты и вы = "Thou" and "You" (2nd arrangement of the composer's song)
Slavonic Tarantella (piano, 4 hands)
Unauthenticated piano sketch for a symphonic fantasy
Sketches and fragments (from notebooks)