10 Trios

Instrumentation: flute, violin, basso

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Trio No.1 (2 flutes, bass)
Trio No.2 (flute, violin, bass)
Trio No.3 (2 flutes, bass)
Trio No.4 (2 flutes, bass)
Trio No.5 (flute, violin, bass)
Trio No.6 (flute, violin, bass)
Trio No.7 (flute, violin, bass)
Trio No.8 (flute, violin, bass)
Trio No.9 (3 flutes)
Trio No.10 (2 flutes, bass)

Simoni dall Croubelis

Simoni Dall Croubelis was a Danish composer who left behind an extensive collection of compositions. Unfortunately, his biographical information is very sparse, ...