Italian Concerto, BWV. 971

The Concerto after the Italian taste or Italienisches Konzert, BWV 971 (concerto nach italienischem gusto) published in 1735 as the first half of the Clavier-Übung II is a three-movement concerto for a solo two-manual harpsichord by J.S. Bach. The Italian concerto, as an style, relies upon the contrasting roles of two different groups of instruments in an ensamble: bach emulates this effect, creating contrast by means of the different manuals. This is, along with the French Overture and some of the Goldberg Variations one of the fre pieces by this composer that asks specifically for a two-manual ... more

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Italian Concerto, BWV. 971 - Complete Score (Balthasar Schmid and Johann Gotthilf Ziegler)
Italian Concerto, BWV. 971 - Complete Score (Carl Ferdinand Becker)

Johann Sebastian Bach

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