L'Addio a Napoli

'L'Addio a Napoli' ('Goodbye to Naples'), also called 'Addio mia Bella Napoli; melodia' ('Goodbye my beautiful Naples, song') is a song with music and Italian lyrics by Teodoro Cottrau. It was first published in the year 1868 with a dedication to 'my Rosina, memory of the poor happy little angel'. The piece was originally composed in the key of A major for a single voice and piano, but was arranged multiple times. Among its arrangers were Wilhelm Popp, Gustav Lange, Carl Bohm, and Adolpe Herman.

This sheet contains the following parts:

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L'Addio a Napoli - Complete score (Naples: T. Cottrau)

Teodoro Cottrau

Teodoro Cottrau was an Italian composer, lyricist, publisher, journalist and politician. He specialised in "folksy" Neapolitan songs. His arrangement of Santa Lucia ...