6 Cello Sonatas, Op.3

Instrumentation: Cello, continuo 6 sonatasSonata in C majora. Allegro moderato; b. Adagio; c. AllegroSonata in D majora. Allegro; b. Adagio; c. AllegroSonata in F majora. Allegro ma non tanto; b. Andante cantabile; c. Allegro rondeauSonata in C majora. Allegro moderato; b. Largo; c. Allegro affetuosoSonata in G majora. Allegro; b. Andantino ameroso; c. Rondeau. Andante affettuosoSonata in A majora. Allegro spiritoso; b. Adagio; c. Variazione. Tempo di Minuette

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1. Sonata in C major
2. Sonata in D major
3. Sonata in F major
4. Sonata in C major
5. Sonata in G major
6. Sonata in A major

Giovanni Battista Cirri

Giovanni Battista Cirri was an Italian cellist and composer in the 18th century. He had his first musical training with his brother ...