6 Fuge per l'Organo e 6 Sonate per il Cembalo

Introduction, 6 Organ Fugues, 6 Harpsichord Sonatas For OrganIntroduction in C majorFugue No.1 in C majorFugue No.2 in G majorFugue No.3 in D minorFugue No.4 in E minorFugue No.5 in B♭ majorFugue No.6 in F majorFor HarpsichordSonata in A majorI. Allegro [untitled in first edition]II. GigaIII. Menuet [& Variations] Sonata in F majorI. AllegroII. MenuetIII. GigaSonata in A minorI. AllegroII. AndanteIII. MenuetIV. GigaSonata in D majorI. AffettuosoII. Carillon, PrestoIII. Allemande, AllegroIV. Menuet 1 & 2Sonata in G majorI. AndanteII. AllegroIII. Menuet 1 & 2Sonata in E majorI. [untitled ... more

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Complete Score
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Fortunato Chelleri Fugue Organ Baroque

Fortunato Chelleri

Fortunato Chelleri (originally: Keller, also: Kelleri, Kellery, Cheler) was a Baroque Kapellmeister and composer. During his activity in Italy he composed mostly ...