Lyrics from Told in the Gate

12 songsSweetheart, thy lips are touched with flameSings the nightingale to the roseThe rose leans over the poolLove's like a summer roseAs in waves without numberDear love, when in thine arms I lieWas I not thineIn mead where roses bloomSister fairest, why are thou sighing?Oh, let night speak of meI said to the Wind of the SouthWere I a Prince Egyptian

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Complete Score (Early edition, Nos. 1-11 only)
10. O let night speak of me
10. O let night speak of me (for High Voice)
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George Whitefield Chadwick

George Whitefield Chadwick was an American composer. Along with Horatio Parker, Amy Beach,Arthur Foote, and Edward MacDowell, he was a representative composer ...