Concerti ecclesiastici

20 piecesVeni Sponsa Christi (SST)Præparate (CB)*O Domine Iesu Christe (SSB)Deus misereatur (TTB)*Usquequo Domine (SST)Quam dilecta (TT)*Mulier (SST)Benedicam Dominum (TTS)Peccavi (B)*Exaudi me Domine (C or T)*Beatus Laurentius (CCT)*Hodie Christus natus (CCTB)Alleluia (4vv)*Jubilate Deo (5vv CATB)Aspice Domine (SS)*Absterget Deus (TT)*Benedictus es Domine (CATB)Si manseritis in me (5vv SSSSS or TTTTT)Quemadmodum (5vv)*Jubilate Deo (5vv)* Pieces not by Cesare, but by Don Alessandro Gualtieri

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Giovanni Martino Cesare

Giovanni Martino Cesare was a composer and cornett player. By 1611 (his first publication) he resided as cornetto player at the house ...