From the 18th Century

11 pieces:Jean-Philippe Rameau: CouranteJean-Philippe Rameau: SarabandeGiovan Battista Grazioli: Tempo di minuettoFrançois Couperin: La Bavolet flottantJohann Mattheson: GigueJean Baptiste Loeillet (Loeilly): SarabandeJean Baptiste Loeillet (Loeilly): GigueFrançois Couperin: La BersanFrançois Couperin: L'Ausonienne Lavignac: Aria from Handel's 'Susanna'Graun: Gigue

This sheet contains the following parts:

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1. Courante (Rameau)
2. Sarabande (Rameau)
3. Tempo di menuetto (Grazioli)
4. La Bavolet flottant (Couperin)
5. Gigue (Mattheson)
6. Sarabande (Loeilly)
3. Tempo di Menuetto (Grazioli)
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Edward MacDowell Compilation Piano Baroque

Edward MacDowell

Edward MacDowell was an American composer and pianist of the Romantic period. He was best known for his second piano concerto and ...