Symphony no. 1 'Rustic Wedding', Op. 26

Rustic Wedding Symphony, Op. 26 (usual translation for Ländliche Hochzeit) is a symphony in E flat major by Karl Goldmark, written in 1875, a year before his renowned Violin Concerto no. 1. The symphony was premiered in Vienna in 1876, conducted by Hans Richter. Brahms, who was a frequent walking companion of Goldmark's, and whose own Symphony no. 1 was not premiered until 1876, praised the work. The work does not conform to the standard structure of a symphony: it is in five movements rather than the usual four, and while ... more

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Karl Goldmark Symphony Orchestra Romantic

Karl Goldmark

Karl Goldmark (, Keszthely – January 2, 1915, Vienna) was a Hungarian composer. Goldmark came from a large Jewish family, one of ...