La serenata

Instrumentation: Voice, Cello (or Violin) and Piano

This sheet contains the following parts:

Sheet Title View score Download
Complete score, Voice, Cello (Violin) partsG major (for Soprano or Tenor)
Complete score, Voice, Cello (Violin) partsF major (for Mezzo Soprano or Baritone)
Piano score and violin (cello) partG major (for Soprano or Tenor)
Complete ScoreG major (for Soprano or Tenor)
Complete ScoreF major (for Mezzo-soprano or Baritone)
Complete ScoreE♭ major (for Alto or Bass)
Complete ScoreG major (for Soprano or Tenor)
Piano Score
Piano score, Violin and Cello parts
Piano score
Cello part
Complete Score
Complete Score
Complete Score

Gaetano Braga

Gaetano Braga was an Italian composer and cellist. He was born in Giulianova in Abruzzi and died in Milan. Braga's works include ...