24 Pieces for the Zither

Instrumentation: Zither 24 Pieces:I. Darling PolkaII. Diana Mazurka (dedicated to Master Henry Brandle)III. Lilien Walzer (dedicated to William Lepold (Leopold?) (1828–1892))IV. Leonore Polka (dedicated to Wilhelm Schoettle)V. Fairmount Mazurka (dedicated to Edward Stern)VI. Kirmes Schottisch (dedicated to Joseph Bosch (1850–1937))VII. Wiener Burschen Walzer (ded. Christian Wilkening)VIII. Margrethen Polka (dedicated to Miss Anna Buchmann?)IX. Spanish Mazurka (dedicated to Fred. Eisele)X. Lina Walzer (dedicated to A. Brossmann)XI. Apollo Polka (dedicated to Julius Millar (?))XII. Rhein Wein Walzer (dedicated to Charles Blandner)XIII ... more

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Incomplete score of Pieces 1 to 4
Complete Score of Pieces 5 to 8
Complete Score of Pieces 9 to 12
Complete Score of Pieces 13 to 16
Complete Score of Pieces 17 to 20
Complete Score of Pieces 21 to 23
Composer Form Instrument Period
Philip Louis Brachet Books Zither Romantic

Philip Louis Brachet

Philip Louis Brachet was born in 1828 in Prussia. While details of his early life in Prussia are unclear, records indicate he ...