Hommage à la Russie, Op.100

12 pieces: Hymne national de A. Lvoff ; Боже, царя храни (God Save the Tsar by Aleksey Lvov) Le Rossignol de Alabieff ; Соловей (The Nightingale by Aleksandr Alyabyev) Romance de Warlamoff ; Ты не пой, соловей (You do not sing, Nightingale by Aleksandr Varlamov) Chant bohémien ; Вот на пути село большое (There's a Big Village on the Road) Romance de Werstoffsky ; Старый муж, грозный муж (Old husband, fearsome husband by Alexey Verstovsky) Chansonette de Titoff ; Ветка (The Branch by Nikolai Titov) Chant bohémien ; За Уралом за рекой Romance de Warlamoff ; На заре ты ... more

This sheet contains the following parts:

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1. Hymne national russe de A. Lvoff
5. Romance de Werstoffsky
7. Chant bohémien
10. Chant national
11. Chant national
12. Chant bohémien
8. Romance de Warlamoff
3. Romance de Warlamoff
4. Chant bohémien
9. Chant bohémien
2. Le Rossignol de Alabieff
6. Chansonette de Titoff
Composer Form Instrument Period
Ferdinand Beyer Fantasy Piano Romantic

Ferdinand Beyer

Ferdinand Beyer was a German composer and Pianist. Well known in his day for his light music and piano arrangements of popular ...