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1. La Marseillaise
1. La Marseillaise
12. Russian National Hymne
13. Le Chant du Belge
14. Amerikanischer Nationalgesang - Hail Columbia
No.16 Hymne populaire Danoise
18. Hymne-National Anglais - God save the Queen
24. Chant National Servien
28. Chant Imperial Français
30. Chanson Turque
37. Japanese Barcarole
40. Brasilianische Nationalhymne
60. Ungarische Volkshymne
61. Ungarische Nationalhymne - Szozat
65. Hawaii Ponoi
The Southern Marseillaise
Composer Form Instrument Period
Ferdinand Beyer Piano piece Piano Romantic

Ferdinand Beyer

Ferdinand Beyer was a German composer and Pianist. Well known in his day for his light music and piano arrangements of popular ...