8 Fugues sans pédale, F.31

8 piecesFugue in C majorFugue in C minorFugue in D majorFugue in D minorFugue in E♭ majorFugue in E minorFugue in B♭ majorFugue in F minor

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Complete Score
3. Fughetta in D major
1. Fugue in C major
2. Fugue in C minor
3. Fugue in D major
4. Fugue in D minor
5. Fugue in E♭ major
6. Fugue in E minor
7. Fugue in B♭ major
8. Fugue in F minor
Complete Score and Parts
Complete Score
Clarinet (B♭)
Composer Form Instrument Period
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach Fugue Organ Baroque

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach the second child and eldest son of Johann Sebastian Bach and Maria Barbara Bach, was a German composer and ...