6 Sonatas for Keyboard and Violin, Op.16 (W.B 10-15a)

Instrumentation: Flute or Violin; Harpsichord or Piano Movements/Sections: 6 sonatas of 2 movements each Sonata in D major, W.B 10 Sonata in G major, W.B 11 Sonata in C major, W.B 12 Sonata in A major, W.B 13 Sonata in D major, W.B 14 Sonata in F major, W.B 15a

This sheet contains the following parts:

Sheet Title View score Download
Complete score
Violin part (concatenated from score)
Complete Score
Sonatas 1 and 2 - Score and part
Sonata No.1 in D major, W.B 10 - Complete score, violin part
Sonata No.2 in G major, W.B 11 - Complete score, violin part
Complete score
Flute 1 part
Flute 2 part
Guitar part

Johann Christian Bach

Johann Christian Bach was a composer of the Classical era, the eleventh child and youngest son of Johann Sebastian Bach. He is ...