The Four Seasons Arranged for Solo Piano

20 pieces, as 6 sets plus 3 songs:Set 1, Spring I:1. Wunderly, Away with Care and Sorrow, A Song for Spring2. Vogler, Juvenile Dance3. A. André, 1st Spring Rondo in G major. Adapted by A. André, Jr.4. The Farmer's Children's Waltz. Partly composed and adapted by A. André, Jr.Set 2, Spring II5. The Brother's and Sister's Cotillion. Adapted by A. André, Jr.6. German Spring Polka. Adapted by A. André, Jr.7. A. André, Juvenile Spring Rondo in C major8. German Youth Waltz in ... more

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Title page
Set 1: Spring I
Set 2: Spring II
Set 3: Summer I
Set 4: Summer II
Set 5: Autumn
Set 6: Winter
18. Kreipl, The May Breezes
19. Tyrolian Traditional, The Switzer's Farewell
20. Franz Abt, Agatha (When the Swallows Homewards Fly)
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