Collection for Violin Solo

39 pieces in 12 sets:1st set:J. Gungl, Warrior's Joy[C.F. Hupfeld, Jr.?] Captain Shepherd's Quickstep2nd set:La ManolaPfeiffer, Henriette PolkaEvergreen Polka, or Schottische3rd set:C.M. von Weber, Waltz from the opera OberonLudwig van Beethoven, The Desire Waltz (Caution: this seems to be a misattribution of an Original-Taenze by Schubert)Hummel, The Favorite Joyful Waltz, with a Variation by Anton André Jr.Mozart, Air from the Opera Seraglio (Serail)4th Set:Donizetti, A selection of favorite Airs from Lucia de Lammermoor (3 pieces)5th Set:Donizetti, Airs ... more

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Anton André Jr. Books Violin Romantic