Piano trio in B flat major, Op. 11

Ludwig van Beethoven composed his Piano Trio in B flat major, Op. 11, in 1797. It was published in Vienna the following year, dedicated to Countess Maria Wilhelmine von Thun, as part of a series of early chamber works involving woodwind instruments. The trio is scored for piano, clarinet, and cello, the later two being replaceable by violin and bassoon respectively. The work is sometimes referred to as the "Gassenhauer Trio", because its third movement includes nine variations from a very popular tune at the time (a 'Gassenhauer'), which originated from a ... more

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Piano trio in B flat major, Op. 11 - Complete Score

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. The crucial figure in the transition between the Classical and Romantic eras in ...