3 Balladen, Op.49

Voice, Piano

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Complete score
No.1 Die Lauer (Der Woywode) (scan)
No.1 Die Lauer (Der Woywode) (filter)
Frontmatter (scan)
Frontmatter (filter)
1. Die Lauer (Der Woywode) (scan)
1. Die Lauer (Der Woywode) (filter)
2. Die Schlüsselblume (scan)
2. Die Schlüsselblume (filter)
3. Die drei Budrisse (scan)
3. Die drei Budrisse (filter)

Carl Loewe

Johann Carl Gottfried Loewe, usually called Carl Loewe (sometimes seen as Karl Loewe), was a German composer, baritone singer and conductor. In ...