Symphony no. 2 in Cm, WAB 102

Anton Bruckner's Symphony no. 2 in C minor was completed in 1872, and revised, like most of Bruckner's other symphonies, at various points thereafter. It was composed after the Symphony No. 0 in D minor (which was itself composed after the Symphony No. 1) and it is the only "official" Bruckner symphonywithout a dedication: Franz Liszt tacitly rejected the dedication, and Richard Wagner chose another work instead. The premiere was given with Bruckner himself conducting in 1873. The score calls for a pair each of flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, four ... more

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Complete score
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Anton Bruckner Symphony Orchestra Romantic

Anton Bruckner

Anton Bruckner was an Austrian composer known for his symphonies, masses, and motets. The first are considered emblematic of the final stage ...