The Master-Singers of Nuremberg, WWV 96

The Master-Singers of Nuremberg (Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg) is an opera in three acts, composed by Richard Wagner between 1862 and 1867, and first performed in 1868 with Hans von Bulow as conductor. The story revolves around the real life 16th century guild of Master Singers, and it draws from their traditions, featuring music composition as a subject. This opera (or musical drama) is unique among Wagner mature operas, partly for its historical setting (opposed to Wagner's usual legendary settings), and also because it features many traditional elements that Wagner usually ... more

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Vorspiel and Act 1
Vorspiel and Act 2
Vorspiel and Act 3
Piano Solo arr. - Richard Kleinmichel
Piano 4 Hands arr.- August Horn

Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner was a German composer, conductor, theatre director and essayist, primarily known for his operas (or "music dramas", as they were ...