Youth Album, Op.6

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Complete Score (Nos 1-19)
No.1 Prelude
No.2 Serenade
No.3 Ballade
No.4 Dance of the elves
No.5 Boogie I
No.6 Old Times
No.7 Lullaby I
No.8 Walking along
No9. Swing March
No.10 Dance I
No.11 Rondo I
No.12 Boogie II
No.13 Rondo II
No.14 Dance II
No. 15 Lullaby II
No. 16 Dance of Pierrot
No.17 Boogie III
No.18 A little Latin
No.19 Swing
Composer Form Instrument Period
Maarten Smit Piano piece Piano 21st Century