School of Intonation on an Harmonic Basis for Violin, Op.11

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Part I. General Introduction
Part IIa. The Semitone and Tritone
Part IIb. The Semitone and Tritone. 12 Major Scales
Part III. Chromatic Shifting and Chromatic Tone-succession.
Part IV. Dissonant Chords
Part V. Introduction to the Positions 2nd-7th
Part VIa. 2nd-7th Position Suppementary
Part VIb. 2nd-7th Position Suppementary
Part VIc. Remarks on Interpretation, Remarks on Tremolendo,40 Duettinos on Bohemian Melodies for 2 Violins
Part VII. Chromatic Shifting
Part VIII. Consonant Chords - DIssonant Chords
Part IX. The Diminished Triad
Part X. The Chord of the Dominant Seventh in All Keys
Part XI. The Chord of the Diminished Seventh
Part XII. Introduction to Shifting
Part XIII. Change of Position, Transition-Tone
Part XIV. Double Stops, The Trill
Composer Form Instrument Period
Otakar Sevčík Etude Violin Romantic

Otakar Sevčík

Otakar Ševčík was a Czech violinist and influential teacher. He was known as a soloist and an ensemble player, including his occasional ...