Des Abends, Morgens und Mittags

Voices ATB, 2 Violas d'Amour, 2 Violas, Viola di Basso, Cello, Organ

This sheet contains the following parts:

Sheet Title View score Download
Complete score
Score with extended scordatura viola d'amore, sounding pitch
Contralto, tenor, bass voices, continuo
Viola d'amour 1: sounding pitch
Viola d'amour 1: original notation
Viola d'amour 1: extended scordatura
Viola d'amour 2: sounding pitch
Viola d'amour 2: original notation
Viola d'amour 2: extended scordatura
Viola 1
Viola 2
Viola da basso
Violone (Cello)

Johann Christoph Pezel

Johann Christoph Pezel (also Petzold) was a German violinist, trumpeter, and composer. He lived at Leipzig from 1661 to 1681, with an ...