12 Concerti grossi con una pastorale, Op. 8

Concerto in C major - Concerto in A minor - Concerto in E major - Concerto in B♭ Major - Concerto in G major - Concerto in G minor - Violin Concerto in D minor - Concerto in C minor - Concerto in E minor - Concerto in A major - Concerto in F major - Concerto in D major Composed in 1709

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Concerto No.6 in G minor
Violins I (solo and ripieno)
Violins II (solo and ripieno)
Cellos and Basses
Keyboard (Cembalo or Organ)

Giuseppe Torelli

Giuseppe Torelli was an Italian violist, violinist, teacher, and composer. Torelli is most remembered for his contributions to the development of the ...