Prisoner of the Caucasus

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Complete Score
Color cover
No.18. Title page
No.18a. Women's Dance
No.18b. Men's Dance (Lezginka)
Title page and preliminaries
Piano 4 hands Complete score
Act I, No.1: Eastern Prayer
Act I, No.2: Duet of Fatima and Her Father
Act I, No.3: Aria of Fatima
Act I, No.4: Chorus of Circassians Returning from a Raid
Act I, No.5: Quartet
Act I, No.6: Aria of the Prisoner
Act I, No.7: Duet of Fatima and the Prisoner
Act I, No.8: Finale I (aria of Kazenbek with chorus)
Act II, No.9: Introduction and Women's Little Chorus
Act II, No.10: Recitative Scene and Arioso of Mariam
Act II, No.11: Duet of Fekherdin and Kazenbek
Act II, No.12: Duettino of Fatima and Mariam, Little Chorus of Abubeker's Friends
Act II, No 13: Aria of Abubeker
Act II, No.14: Duettino of Abubeker and Fatima
Act II, No 15: Chorus (with gifts)
Act II, No.16: Finale II (sextet with chorus)
Act III, No.17: Festive Chorus
Act III, No.18: Dances [Recitative]
Act III, No.18a: [Women's Dance], arr. piano 4-hands
Act III, No.18b: [Men's Dance], arr. piano 4-hands
Act III, No.19: Circassian Song
Act III, No.20: Recitative Scene, Duet of Abubeker and Fatima
Act III, No.21: Cavatina of the Prisoner
Act III, No.22: Duet of the Prisoner and Fatima
Act III, No.23: Finale
Complete Score
Preliminaries and Overture
Vocal score Act I
Vocal scoreAct II
Vocal scoreAct III

César Cui

César Antonovich Cui was a Russian composer and music critic of French and Lithuanian descent. His profession was as an army officer ...