Le flibustier

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Front cover
Dedication, title page, and preliminaries
Act I, Scene 1
Act I, Scene 2
Act I, Scene 3
Act I, Scene 4
Act I, Scene 5
Act I, Scene 6
Act I, Scene 7
Act I, Scene 8
Act I, Scene 9 (concluding with the Dances)
Entr'acte to Act II
Act II, Scene 1
Act II, Scene 2
Act II, Scene 3
Act II, Scene 4
Act II, Scene 5
Act II, Scene 6
Entr'acte to Act III
Act III, Scene 1
Act III, Scene 2
Act III, Scene 3
Act III, Scene 4
Act III, Scene 5
Front cover of score (color scan)
Preliminaries, Prelude, and Act I
Act II

César Cui

César Antonovich Cui was a Russian composer and music critic of French and Lithuanian descent. His profession was as an army officer ...