Souvenirs, Opp.17-23

This sheet contains the following parts:

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No.1. La Vallée d'Ornans, Op.17No.2. Les Bords du Rhin, Op.18No.3. Delfzil, Op.19
No.4. Le Zuyderzée, Op.20
No.5. Les Cloches, Op.21
No.6. Meulan, Op.22
No.7. Les Soirées d'Auteuil, Op.23
No.2. Les Bords du Rhin, Op.18
No.5. Les Cloches, Op.21
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Napoleón Coste Compilation Guitar Romantic

Napoleón Coste

Napoléon Coste was a French guitarist and composer. He was first taught the guitar by his mother, an accomplished player. As a ...