3 Suites for Cello, Op. 131c

Max Reger wrote his 3 suites for cello solo, catalogued as Op. 131c in 1915 and published them the same year. They are not conceived as a suite in the strict baroque sense, but rahter as a series of pieces of different characters. The suites are widely considered to be amongst the most difficult literature for cello solo. They are dedicated to Julius Klengel, Hugo Becker, and Paul Grümmer respectively.

This sheet contains the following parts:

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Suite No. 1 in G Major
Suite No. 2 in D Minor
Suite No. 3 in A Minor
Composer Form Instrument Period
Max Reger Suite Cello 20th Century

Max Reger

Johann Baptist Joseph Maximilian Reger was a German composer, conductor, pianist, organist, and teacher. Born in Brand, Bavaria, Reger studied music in ...