Symphony no. 1, Op. 1

Rimsky Korsakov's Symphony no. 1 in Em, Op. 1 was written in 1861-65 under the guidance of Mily Balakirev, who premiered the work. Before meeting him, Rimsky-Korsakov had sketched ideas for a symphony as a result of his composition lessons with F.A. Kanille. Balakirev approved of Rimsky-Korsakov work, encouraging him to continue work on the symphony, helping him bring out the most Russian sound, and even helping him with the orchestration (there is an anecdote about Rimsky-Korsakov feeling embarrased at his firsts attempts to orchestrate the work). By the time ... more

This sheet contains the following parts:

Sheet Title View score Download
Symphony No.1, Op.1 - Complete score 1
Symphony No.1, Op.1 - Complete score
Symphony No.1, Op.1 - I. Largo assai (with cover and title page)
Symphony No.1, Op.1 - II. Andante tranquillo
Symphony No.1, Op.1 - III. Scherzo. Viviace
Symphony No.1, Op.1 - IV. Allegro assai (with back cover)

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov was a Russian composer, and a member of the group of composers known as The Five. He was a master ...