Petronio Franceschini Mузыкальные Ноты

  • Рожден
    9th Январь 1651
  • Умер
    4th Декабрь 1680
  • Место рождения
    Bologna, Italy

Petronio Franceschini was an Italian composer. Franceschini studied under Giacomo Antonio Perti and became also the main cellist in Basilica di San Petronio. He produced mainly church music and he is credited with an innovative use of trumpet and voices. In addition, he wrote four operas. He died in Venice before he had the chance to finish a fifth, Dionisio, which was completed by a contemporary of his, Giovanni Domenico Partenio. Today Franceschini's most often performed composition (conceived with San Petronio in mind) is his Sonata in D for two trumpets and strings; this work has been recorded several times since the 1960s.

Фильтр Скрыть
Instruments Organ
Forms Sonata