Julius Eichberg

Julius Eichberg Mузыкальные Ноты

  • Рожден
    13th Июнь 1824
  • Умер
    18th Январь 1893
  • Место рождения
    Düsseldorf, Germany

Julius Eichberg was a German-born composer, musical director and educator who worked mostly in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States.

Название Форма Инструмент
Complete Method for the Violin Books Violin
Julius Eichberg's Collection of Standard Modern Violin Music Compilation Solo Instrument and Piano
6 Solos for Violin and Piano Duet Solo Instrument and Piano
Feuilles d'album, Op.14 Duet Solo Instrument and Piano
The Doctor of Alcantara Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
La Pavane Pavane Solo Instrument and Piano
Andante for Four Violins Quintet Chamber group
Serenata Serenade / Divertimento / Cassation Chamber group
5 Skizzen, Op.23 Trio String Trio