6 Songs and Romances, Op.93a

6 Lieder and Romances, Op. 93a, is a group of six secular choral songs by Johannes Brahms. Op. 93a retains much of the folk-like character from the Op. 62 group, and three of its texts are from folk sources. The title “Songs and Romances” probably refers to the balance between the folk songs and the romantic poetry. The six songs' average performance time is 12 minutes.

Эти ноты состоят из следующих частей:

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6 Lieder and Romances, Op. 93a - Complete Score (Breitkopf & Härtel)
6 Lieder and Romances, Op. 93a - Chorus parts (N. Simrock)
Composer Form Instrument Period
Johannes Brahms Song Cycle Choir Romantic

Johannes Brahms

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