The term 'Romantic music' denotes a period of Western academic music that lasted throughout most of the 19th century, framing itself in Romanticism, the European artistic and literary movement. Romantic music is often characterized as being a reaction to the contained elegance and purity of the Classical period, though the reality is far more complex. Romantic composers were often fascinated with several -often contradictory- subjects: Nature and man's constant struggle against it, everything supernatural and fabulous, the mythical past, the autobiographical and the heroic, the isolated genius, the future of mankind. Improvements in instrumental design and technique, and the growth of orchestras, expanded the possibilities for composers. The rise of the middle class and the emancipation of musicians from courts and patrons represented a change in the way music reached the society. Some of the Romantic composers took an interest in nationalistic music, expressing the state of turmoil that Europe suffered. Musical forms continued to develop: while symphonies became longer and more complex, short musical forms blossomed (such as Chopin's nocturnes). Interest in preservation of the music of the past grew, as well as the will to develop music beyond its current state in terms of form, harmony, counterpoint, etc.


Giuseppe Donizetti Joseph-Adolphe Defoy (Mrs.) Bailey A. Apelles A. Douard A. F. Wustrow A.O. Albertus Abraham Tena Manrique Accolay Jean-Baptiste Achilles Alferaki Ad. Werner Adam Carse Adam Darr Adam Valentin Volkmar Adam Wright Adam Wroński Addison P. Wyman Adelene Adhemar Decq Adolf Martin Foerster Adolf von Doss Adolf von Henselt Adolf Weidig Adolf Wiklund Adolfo Baci Adolfo Fumagalli Adolfo Zabala Adolph Baumbach Adolphé Abig Adolphe Adam Adolphe Blanc Adolphe David Adolphe Deslandres Adolphe Fischer Adrian Dahl Adrien Talexy Adrien Barthe Agathe Backer-Grøndahl Agnes Zimmermann Agostino Donini Ákos Buttykay Alban Förster Alberich Zwyssig Albert Roussel Albert Becker Albert Behrens Albert Biehl Albert Cahen Albert Combaud Albert Corbin Albert D. Allin Albert Eibenschütz Albert Ellmenreich Albert Friedenthal Albert Fuchs Albert Heinrich Albert Hermann Dietrich Albert Ketèlbey Albert Loeschhorn Albert Vizentini Albert W. Berg Albert Wimpfheimer Albert Wolfermann Albert Zabel Alberto Cotó Alberto Franchetti Alberto Nepomuceno Alberto Orefici Alberto Williams Albertsberger Albrecht Blumenstengel Aleksander Zarzycki Aleksandr Alyabyev Aleksandr Bagantz Aleksandr Chesnokov Aleksandr Dargomyzhsky Aleksandr Glazunov Aleksandr Kopylov Aleksandr Taneyev Aleksandr Varlamov Aleksey Davidov Alessandro Casorti Alessandro Favier Alessandro Fusco Alessandro Rolla Alessandro Stradella Alex S. Beaumont Alexander Alfred Alexander Böhmer Alexander Borodin Alexander Dreyschock Alexander Fesca Alexander Julius Paul Dorn Alexander Scriabin Alexander Thom Cringan Alexander Villoing Alexander von Fielitz Alexander Winterberger Alexandre Batta Alexandre Béon Alexandre Bernn Alexandre Cellier Alexandre Charles Fessy Alexandre Croisez Alexandre d' Agiout Alexandre Daussoigne-Méhul Alexandre Dubuque Alexandre Guilmant Alexandre Joseph Artôt Alexandre Winkel Alexandre-Étienne Choron Alexandre-Pierre-François Boëly Alexis Chauvet Alexis Contant Alexis de Castillon Alexis-Henri Fissot Alfonso Broqua Alfonso Cipollone Alfonso Furriel Alfred Ahlborn Alfred Bachelet Alfred Bruneau Alfred Cellier Alfred Chenet Alfred Cottin Alfred Crombé Alfred Dassier Alfred Dörffel Alfred E. Warren Alfred Edward Moffat Alfred Ferdinand Christensen Alfred George Wathall Alfred Herbert Brewer Alfred Hollins Alfred James Caldicott Alfred Lebeau Alfred Quidant Alfred Wooler Alfredo Barili Alfredo Carrasco Alfredo Catalani Alfredo D'Ambrosio Algernon Ashton Alice Danziger Alice Ellen Charbonnet Allen Dodworth Alois Bauer Alonzo Judson Abbey Aloÿs Claussmann Aloys Desmet Aloys Edenhofer Aloys Schmitt Alphons Czibulka Alphons Diepenbrock Alphonse Catherine Alphonse-Clarke Feltre Amadeo Vives Amanda Maier Amédée de Beauplan Amédée Dutacq Amherst Webber Amies Amilcare Ponchielli Amy Marcy Beach Amy Woodforde-Finden Anatole Bernardel Anatoly Lyadov Andersen Anton Jörgen André Bloch André Ernest Modeste Grétry André Messager André Wormser Andreas Ehrhardt Andreas Peter Berggreen Andrews John C. Andrey Arends Andrzej Chmielewski Ange Flégier Ange-Marie Auzende Angelo Balladori Angelo Bottagisio Angelo Bovio Angelo Cunio Angheluș Dinicu Anna M. Ablamowicz Anna von Buttlar-Stubenberg Anna Whiting Anna-Louise Egeberg Annette Von Droste-Hülshoff Anonymous Anselme Vinée Anthime Donnay Anthony Barré Anthony J. Davis Antoine Bessems Antoine Bohrer Antoine Bruyant Antoine de Lhoyer Antoine Dessane Antoine Dornel Antoine Elwart Antoine Emile Coyon Anton André Jr. Anton Arensky Anton Beer-Walbrunn Anton Berlyn Anton Bernhard Fürstenau Anton Bruckner Anton Deprosse Anton Diabelli Anton Eberl Anton Fahrbach Anton Foerster Anton Reicha Anton Rubinstein Anton Wilhelm Florentin von Zuccalmaglio Antonín Dvořák Antonio Alba Antônio Américo da Costa Antonio Baglioni Antonio Barili Antonio Bartolomeo Bruni Antonio Bazzini Antonio Cagnoni Antonio Cano Antonio Cavuoto Antonio Coronaro Antonio De Anguera Antônio de Pádua Falcão Antonio Fontana António Fragoso Antonio José Cappa Antonio Lotti Antônio Martiniano da Silva Bemfica Antonio Neumane Antonio Rosetti Antonius Johannes Bouman Antony Choudens Apolinar Brull Apollon Marie-Rose Barret Aristide Farrenc Aristo Cassinelli Armand Des Roseaux Arnold Bax Arnold Mendelssohn Arnold Volpe Árpád Doppler Arrigo Boito Artem Andreasyan Arthur A. Clappé Arthur Adams Arthur Battelle Whiting Arthur Carnall Arthur Carreras Arthur Claassen Arthur Coquard Arthur Foote Arthur H. Bird Arthur Henry Brown Arthur Honegger Arthur L. Brown Arthur Olaf Andersen Arthur Sullivan Arthur W. Bauer Arthur Weld Arthur Wellesley Batson Arturo Cuccoli Arturo Toscanini Arvid Kleven Asa Brooks Everett Asahel Abbot August Ahrens August Bungert August Cahnbley August Conradi August de Boeck August Doepp August Enna August Ferdinand Anacker August Freyer August Halm August Heinrich von Weyrauch August Klughardt August Waldauer August Walter August Walther August Weweler August Wilhelm Bach August Wilhelmj August Wiltberger August Winding Augusta Browne Augusta Mary Wakefield Auguste Brandt, G. Auguste Catouillard Auguste Chapuis Auguste Chérion Auguste Collmann Auguste Cœdès Auguste Dupont Auguste Durand Auguste Franchomme Auguste Louis Blondeau Auguste Mathieu Panseron Auguste van Biene Auguste Vaucorbeil Auguste Vincent Augustin Barié Augustin Cortada Augusto Bendelari Augustus Damon Fillmore Axel Raoul Wachtmeister Azzolino Bernardino Della Ciaja B.C. Fontana Backer Lunde Johan Baron de Coriolis Bart Verhallen Bartolomeo Campagnoli Basil Althaus Bedřich Smetana Béla Vágvölgyi Benedikt Widmann Benjamin A Burditt Benjamin Bilse Benjamin Cutter Benjamin Dale Benjamin Dwight Allen Benjamin Franklin Baker Benjamin Godard Benoit Constant Fauconier Berarrdo Cantalamessa Bernard Zweers Bernard Franklin Bernard van Dieren Bernardino Valle Chinestra Bernardo Ferrara Bernhard Breuer Bernhard Cossmann Bernhard Courlander Bernhard Dessau Bernhard Henrik Crusell Bernhard Molique Bernhard Wolff Bernhardus Boekelman Bert Lee Fulton Bert R. Anthony Bertha von Brukenthal Berthold Damcke Blair Fairchild Blas María de Colomer Bob Alden Bohuslav Martinů Bonifazio Asioli Bosissio Botho Sigwart zu Eulenburg Braun Friedrich Bruno Wendel Bruno Wick C. A. Aadler C. A. Adler C. Albrecht C. Chaulier C. Cooper C. D. Abbott C. F. Artes C. L. Eby C. W. Durkee C.H. Fannetti Callisto Cerutti Camille Benoit Camille Chevillard Camille Claudel Camille Decreus Camille Erlanger Camille Saint-Saëns Camillo Carlsen Camillo Sivori Cándido Candi Carl Alberstoetter Carl Anton Philipp Braun Carl August Fischer Carl August Nielsen Carl Baermann Carl Baermann Jr. Carl Banck Carl Bayrhoffer Carl Benker Carl Binder Carl Bohm Carl Busch Carl Chesneau Carl Czerny Carl Doppler Carl Eberwein Carl Erfolg Carl Faelten Carl Faust Carl Ferdinand Adam Carl Ferdinand Becker Carl Fettweiss Carl Fischer Carl Friedrich Weitzmann Carl Friedrich Whistling Carl Friedrich Zelter Carl Friedrich Zöllner Carl Frühling Carl Georg Peter Grädener Carl Gottfried Warmuth Carl Gottlieb Reissiger Carl Heinrich Carsten Reinecke Carl Heinrich Weber Carl Joseph Brambach Carl Leopold Böhm Carl Loewe Carl Ludwig Drobisch Carl Maria von Weber Carl Nielsen Carl O. Edelman Carl Oscar Boije af Gennäs Carl Tausig Carl Venth Carl Volti Carl Wagner Carl Warmuth Carl Wilhelm August Blum Carl Zenneck Carlo Albanesi Carlo Alboni Carlo Alfredo Piatti Carlo Bignami Carlo Bodro Carlo Boller Carlo Clausetti Carlo Coccia Carlo Cordara Carlo Curti Carlo Emery Coen Carlo Fanti Carlo Perinello Caroline Holme Walker Carolus Aggházy Caryl Florio Casimir Baille Castil-Blaze Catharinus Elling Cecil Baumer Cecil Walters Cécile Chaminade Cécile Ciolfi Célanie Carissan Celestino Vila de Forns César A. de Casella César Casella fils César Cui César Franck Cesare Ciardi Cesare Franco Charles Dancla Charles Zeuner Charles Addison Daniell Charles Alard Charles Albert White Charles Ancliffe Charles Angelus Winkhler Charles Auchester Charles Balmer Charles Beauquier Charles Bénet Charles Bochsa Charles Bordes Charles Caspar Charles Chaulieu Jr. Charles Chaulieu Sr. Charles Colin Charles Collin Charles Coote Charles Crozat Converse Charles d' Albert Charles de Balorre Charles Delioux Charles Drumheller Charles Dupee Blake Charles E. Whiting Charles Eulenstein Charles F. Albert Charles F. Blandner Charles Ferlus Charles Fradel Charles Gounod Charles Henshaw Dana Charles Hubert Hastings Parry Charles Joseph Frost Charles Kunkel Charles L. Ward Charles le Corbeiller Charles Lee Williams Charles Lefebvre Charles Lucas Charles M Baetens Charles Mayer Charles Mortimer Wiske Charles N. Allen Charles N. Daniels Charles Nicolas Baudiot Charles Roland Flick Charles Samuel Bovy-Lysberg Charles T. F Frey Charles Villiers Stanford Charles Vincent Charles Vogel Charles Vollweiler Charles Voss Charles Wakefield Cadman Charles Wels Charles Whitney Coombs Charles Willeby Charles William Bennet Charles Wood Charles-Auguste de Bériot Charles-Augustin Collin Charles-Louis Hanon Charles-Marie Widor Charles-Marie-François Bosselet Charles-Simon Catel Charles-Valentin Alkan Charley Baker Charlotte Alington Barnard Charlotte Devéria Charlotte Milligan Fox Christian Barnekow Christian Bering Christian Cappelen Christian Danning Christian Erbach Christian Ersfeld Christian Fink Christian Frederik Barth Christian Gottlieb Scheidler Christian Traugott Brunner Christoph Bach Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse Christoph Willibald Gluck Christopher Wilson Clara Collinet Clara Schumann Clarence Eddy Clarence S. Wallace Claude-Bénigne Balbastre Claudio Conti Claudius Blanc Clemens Breitenbach Clemens Schultze Clemens von Franckenstein Clément Broutin Clowes Bayley Coloman Chován Comte Abel d' Adhémar Comte de Champigny Conrad Ansorge Conradin Kreutzer Constance Bache Constantin Bürgel Constantin Dimitrescu Cornelis Boscoop Costantino De Crescenzo Costas Anastassopoulos Cotsford Dick Cramer - Pseudonym Cyprien Boyer D. Carati D. Emlyn Evans Dalhousie Young Dámaso Zabalza Daniel Decatur Emmett Daniel Fleuret Daniel François Esprit Auber Daniel Gregory Mason Daniel Webster Crist Dario De' Rossi David Braham David Hermann Engel Dietrich Buxtehude Dimitrie Florescu Dionisio Aguado y García Diran Alexanian Dmytro Bortniansky Dom Pedro I Domenico Bellando Domenico Crivelli Domenico Maria Drejer Donald Tovey Duane Crabb Dudley Buck Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Ernst II E. Arifon E. B. Bacon E. C. Essex E. Franklin Adams E. J. Eagleman E. L. E. A. E. L. Fulton Eaton Faning Eben Howe Bailey Edgar Barratt Edgar Leslie Bainton Edgar P. Chipman Edmond Audran Edmond Chérouvrier Edmond Dédé Edmond Diet Edmond Waucampt Edmond Weber Edmondstoune Duncan Edmund Abesser Edmund Clark Edmund Neupert Edouard Alexandre Edouard Batiste Édouard Broustet Édouard Bruguière Édouard Cazaneuve Edouard Chavagnat Edouard Croze-Magnan Edouard de Vivien Édouard Deransart Edouard Destenay Edouard Du Puy Édouard Dumas Édouard Lalo Edouard Mangeon Edouard Wautier Édouard Wolff Eduard Biehl Eduard Birnbaum Eduard Brunner Eduard Eliason Eduard Franck Eduardo Bottigliero Eduardo di Capua Eduardo Marzo Edvard Grieg Edward Allan Edward Ambuhl Edward Bunnett Edward Bunting Edward Cuthbert Bairstow Edward Cutler Edward Elgar Edward Fisher Edward Johnson Bellerby Edward Julius Biedermann Edward L. Walker Edward Little White Edward MacDowell Edward Morris Bowman Edward O. Eaton Edward Shippen Barnes Edward Wittich Edwin Evans Edwin Henry Lemare Edwin Othello Excell Egon Kornauth Elbert Anderson Eleanor Everest Freer Elfrida Andrée Élie Miriam Delaborde Elise Wiel Eliza Davis Elizabeth Pym Cumberland Ella Adayevskaya Ella Airlie Ellen Dickson Ellis Daly Emanuel Aguilar Emanuel Bach Emanuel Chvála Emanuel de Beaupuis Emanuel Moór Emanuele Burgio Emil Eule Emil Kreuz Émile Agnel Émile Bernard Émile Bourgeois Émile Bret Emile Chizat Émile Desgranges Emile Dunkler Emile Durand Emile Ettling Émile Forgues Emile Justin Prosper Boussagol Émile Pessard Émile Waldteufel Emile Wenner Émile Wesly Emile-Robert Blanchet Emilie Behrend Emilie Mayer Emilie Zumsteeg Emilio Arrieta Emilio Daura Emilio Vicente Anchorena Emīls Dārziņš Emma Bascans Emma Dahl Emma Louise Ashford Emmanuel Chabrier Emmanuel Comboul Endre Zsasskovszky Engebert Brepsant Engelbert Humperdinck Enrico Bevignani Enrico Calliezie Enrico Delle Sedie Enrique Barrera Enrique Calvist Enrique Fernández Arbós Enrique Granados Erich Jaques Wolff Erich Richard Band Erich Wolf Degner Erik Satie Erika Bodom Erkki Melartin Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari Ermenegildo Carosio Ernest Alder Ernest Bischoff Ernest Bloch Ernest Boulanger Ernest Bucalossi Ernest Claments Ernest Cury Ernest de Behault Ernest Depas Ernest Eugène Altès Ernest Harry Adams Ernesto A. L. Coop Ernesto Becucci Ernesto Cavallini Ernesto Centola Ernesto De Curtis Ernesto Drangosch Ernesto Medina Elorduy Ernesto Nazareth Ernst Boehe Ernst Böttcher Ernst Eberhard Ernst Frank Ernst Halven Ernst Mielck Ernst Naumann Ernst Rudorff Ethel Barns Ethel Smyth Étienne Arnaud Étienne Royer Eugen d' Albert Eugen Drobisch Eugen Maria Albrecht Eugene Anthiome Eugène Archainbaud Eugène Bourdeau Eugène Chaine Eugène Cools Eugène Damaré Eugène Dédé Eugène Diaz Eugène Gigout Eugène Walckiers Eugène Ysaÿe Eugène-Joseph Courjon Eugenio Cavallini Euphemia Allen Eusebio Dworzak von Walden Eva Dell'Acqua Everett L. Baker Eyvind Alnæs F. Andersen F. Demarquette F. H. Andrews F. R. Wenger F. Weber Fabio Campana Fanny Hensel Federico Chueca Federico Guzmán Frías Felice Frasi Feliciano Agero Félicien David Felipe Espino Felipe Villanueva Felix Albini Félix Battanchon Felix Blumenfeld Felix Chaudoir Felix Draeseke Felix Dreyschock Félix Dumont Félix Fourdrain Felix Mendelssohn Felix Otto Dessoff Felix Villiet Vinatieri Felix Vom Rath Felix Weingartner Felix Woyrsch Ferdinand Hummel Ferdinand Beyer Ferdinand Büchler Ferdinand Büchner Ferdinand David
Ferdinand de Croze Ferdinand Hérold Ferdinand Küchler Ferdinand Quentin Dulcken Ferdinand Ries Ferdinand Wilhelm Dietz Ferdinando Bonamici Ferdinando Carulli Ferdinando de Cristofaro Ferenc Erkel Fermin María Alvarez Fernando Callejo Fernando d' Azevedo e Silva Fernando Sor Ferruccio Busoni Ferruccio Volpatti Fidelis Zitterbart Jr. Filippo Bruno Filippo Capocci Filippo Fasanotti Firmin Bernicat Florence Newell Barbour Florent Schmitt Florenz Ziegfeld Florian Pascal Florimond Van Duyse Floyd Willis Fortunat Pintarić Frances Allitsen Frances Bunsen Francesco Anzoletti Francesco Berger Francesco Calegari Francesco Chiaromonte Francesco Ferraris Francesco Finamore Francesco Florimo Francesco Molino Francesco Zane Francis Chassaigne Francis Cunningham Woods Francis Edward Bache Francis Henry Brown Francis Purcell Warren Francis Woolcott Francisco Alió Francisco Asenjo Barbieri Francisco Frontera de Valldemossa Francisco Jose Debali Francisco Magalhães do Valle Francisco Raposo Pereira Lima Francisco Tárrega Franco Faccio François Adrien Boieldieu François Bazin François Benoist François Bernier François Borne François Couperin François Fémy François Joseph Dizi François-Hippolyte Barthélémon François-Joseph Fétis Frank Adlam Frank B. Converse Frank Bridge Frank D. B. Byng Frank Edwin Ward Frank Guernsey Cauffman Frank Osmond Carr Frank P. Atherton Franklin Morris Class František Alois Drdla František Cerný František Ondříček František Xaver Chotek Franz Abt Franz Behr Franz Bendel Franz Berwald Franz Bühler Franz Clement Franz Danzi Franz Doppler Franz Krommer Franz Liszt Franz M. Dalquen Franz Neruda Franz Schmidt Franz Schreker Franz Schubert Franz Thaddäus Blatt Franz Theodor Cursch-Bühren Franz von Blon Franz Von Suppé Franz von Vecsey Franz Wilhelm Ferling Franz Wohlfahrt Franz Wüllner Franz Wustmann Franz Xaver Chwatal Franz Xaver Gruber Franz Xaver Witt Fred T. Ashton Fred T. Baker Frederic Abel Frederic Archer Frédéric Bérat Frédéric Brisson Frédéric Chopin Frederic Cliffe Frédéric d' Erlanger Frédéric Dolmetsch Frederic Emes Clay Frederic Field Bullard Frederic Hymen Cowen Frédéric Wachs Frédéric-Augustin Binet Frederick Augustus Fillmore Frederick Brandeis Frederick Bridge Frederick Corder Frederick Delius Frederick L. Crane Frederick Russell Burton Frederick Shepherd Converse Frederick William Batchelder Frederick William Nicholls Crouch Fredrikke Egeberg Frère André Friderick Anthon Blom Fridolin Auerhahn Fridolin Braungardt Friedrich August Dressler Friedrich Baumfelder Friedrich Berr Friedrich Brückner Friedrich Burgmüller Friedrich Curschmann Friedrich David Billig Friedrich Dotzauer Friedrich Ernst Fesca Friedrich Forberg Friedrich Gernsheim Friedrich Grützmacher Friedrich Hegar Friedrich Hermann Friedrich Karl zu Erbach Friedrich Kuhlau Friedrich Lux Friedrich Theodor Fröhlich Friedrich von Flotow Friedrich von Wickede Friedrich Wieck Friedrich Wilhelm Voigt Friedrich Zikoff Fritz Arlberg Fritz Kreisler Fritz Volbach Fromental Halévy G. Allman G. Angeli G. Appunn G. Boyadjian G. F. Carney G. M. Adamson G. W. Adams G. Weingarten Gabriel Baille Gabriel Dupont Gabriel Fabre Gabriel Fauré Gabriel Pierné Gabriel Verdalle Gaetano Valenza Gaetano Amadeo Gaetano Braga Gaetano Cipollini Gaetano Coronaro Gaetano Corticelli Gaetano Donizetti Gaetano Ferdinando Foschini Gaetano Vottis Gaspar Espinosa Gaspar Villate Gasparo Sborgi Gaston Carraud Gaston Choisnel Gaston Salvayre Gatien Marcailhou Genaro Codina Geo. H. Andrews Geo. P. Wright Georg Armbrust Georg Beringer Georg Carl Bohlmann Georg Eggeling Georg Gerson Georg Goltermann Georg Matzka Georg Philipp Telemann Georg Vierling Georg Wichtl George Albert Burdett George Alexander Macfarren George Anderson George Arthur Barker George Barker of Boston George Becker George Benjamin Allen George Butterworth George Calkin George Carter George Chapman George Elbridge Whiting George Enescu George Felix Benkert George Frederick Bristow George Frederick West George Hendrik Witte George Henry Davidson George Henschel George James Webb George Job Elvey George L. Wells George Morley Vickers George Nelson Allen George Schleiffarth George T. Evans George Whitefield Chadwick George William Warren Georges Bizet Georges Alary Georges Antoine Georges Bachmann Georges Barrère Georges Bull Georges Charton Georges Chevignard Georges Cucuël Georges Cuvelard Georges Debat-Ponsan Georges Douay Georges Fragerolle Georges Hüe Georgy Bazilevsky Georgy Catoire Georgy Dulov Gerald Walenn Gerard Barton Gérard Craeijvanger Gerard Francis Cobb Gerard von Brucken Fock Germain Chevallier Géza Allaga Géza Csáth Géza Zichy Giacomo Cordella Giacomo Meyerbeer Giacomo Puccini Giacomo Zucchi Giambattista De Curtis Giano Brida Gilbert A. Alcock Gilbert-Louis Duprez Gioachino Antonio Rossini Giovanni Tadolini Giovanni Alberto Castellani Giovanni Ardorino Giovanni Battista Bassani Giovanni Battista Belletti Giovanni Battista Belpasso Giovanni Battista Campodonico Giovanni Battista Candotti Giovanni Battista Cattaneo Giovanni Battista Cirri Giovanni Beneggi Giovanni Bolzoni Giovanni Bottesini Giovanni Cagliero Giovanni Castaldi Giovanni Corini Giovanni Corsi Giovanni D'Andrea Giovanni Daelli Giovanni Francesco Buongiovanni Giovanni Luigi Bazzoni Giovanni Marco Rutini Giovanni Simone Mayr Girolamo Barbieri Giulio Regondi Giulio Alary Giulio Bas Giulio Bentivoglio Giulio Briccialdi Giuseppe Arrigo Giuseppe Austri Giuseppe Bozzotti Giuseppe Buonamici Giuseppe Cerruti Giuseppe Concone Giuseppe Ferrata Giuseppe Frugatta Giuseppe Mascia Giuseppe Verdi Goby Eberhardt Godefroid Camauër Gottfried Weber Granville Bantock Grenville Dean Wilson Guido Peters Guido Tacchinardi Guillaume Balay Guillaume Couture Guillaume Louis Cottrau Guillermo Cereceda Guiseppe Ferraro Gunnar Wennerberg Gus W. Bernard Gus Williams Gustav Adolf Merkel Gustav Beckmann Gustav Blessner Gustav Dippe Gustav Ehrlich Gustav Ellerton Gustav Erlanger Gustav Flügel Gustav Jensen Gustav Krenkel Gustav Mahler Gustav Weber Gustav Wolff Gustave Biloir Gustave Bley Gustave Canoby Gustave Charpentier Gustave Cornisset Gustave Lefèvre Gustave Vogt Gustavo Carulli Gyula Beliczay H. Armonia H. Augarde H. Augustus Pond H. Avery H. Brassin H. Wilton-Bulstrode Halfdan Kjerulf Hamilton Aidé Hamilton Clarke Hammamizade İsmail Dede Efendi Hans Adolf Dresel Hans Bicherl Hans Bronsart von Schellendorff Hans Ebell Hans Engelmann Hans Fährmann Hans Fink Hans Huber Hans Leo Hassler Hans von Aufsess Hans von Bülow Hans von Zois Hans Winderstein Harald Danjelsen Harald Fryklöf Harold Bauer Harold Boulton Harriet Ware Harrison Mayor Wild Harry Clifton Harry Drew Harry Thacker Burleigh Hart Pease Danks Havergal Brian Hector Berlioz Heinrich Bading Heinrich Baermann Heinrich Bungart Heinrich Carl Ebell Heinrich Ehrlich Heinrich Enke Heinrich Esser Heinrich Franz Heinrich Friedrich Enckhausen Heinrich Friedrich Frankenberger Heinrich Josef Wassermann Heinrich Kaminski Heinrich Ludwig Egmont Dorn Heinrich Molbe Heinrich Reuss Heinrich van Eyken Heinrich von Herzogenberg Heinrich Welb Heinrich Wettstein Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst Heinrich Wohlfahrt Hélène Ciolacou Hélène Collin Helene Zitelmann Hendrik Andriessen Hendrik Cartol Henri Appy Henri Berény Henri Bertini Henri Brod Henri Cellot Henri Chollet Henri Cieutat Henri Condom Henri Cramer Henri Dallier Henri Deshayes Henri Duparc Henri François Robert Brandts Buys Henri Herz Henri Louis Charles Duvernoy Henri van den Abeelen Henri Vieuxtemps Henri Viotta Henri Vogel Henri Wieniawski Henrique Oswald Henry A. Allen Henry Berger Henry Bollman Henry Burck Henry Clay Work Henry Cohen Henry Elliot Button Henry Farmer Henry Lane Wilson Henry Lazarus Henry Maylath Henry Morton Dunham Henry Ramsden Bramley Henry Richard Bird Henry Rohbock Henry Rowley Bishop Henry Russell Henry Stephen Cutler Henry Strauss Henry Westrop Henry Wilson Henry Wolfgang Amadeus Beale Henry Woollett Henryk Bobinski Herbert A. Fricker Herbert Walter Wareing Hercule de Fontenailles Herman Bellstedt Herman Bemberg Herman D. Cable Hermann Adolf Wollenhaupt Hermann Bendix Hermann Berens Hermann Bischoff Hermann Erler Hermann Ferdinand Albert Wilhelm Wehe Hermann Finzenhagen Hermann Fliege Hermann Grädener Hermann Ludwig Eichborn Hermann Paul Claußnitzer Hermann Robert Frenzel Hermann Wenzel Hermann Wichmann Hermann Zopff Hermann Zumpe Herve D. Wilkins Hettie M. Shiveley Austin Hieronymus Weickmann Hippolyte André Jean Baptiste Chélard Hippolyte Barbedette Hippolyte Duprat Hiram G. Barrus Hjalmar Borgstrøm Homer Newton Bartlett Horace Waters Horace Winfred Beek Howard Chamberlain Hubert de Blanck Hubert Engels Hubert Léonard Hugh Archibald Clarke Hugh Blair Hughe Woolford Hugo Alfvén Hugo Almeder Hugo Daffner Hugo Distler Hugo Kaun Hugo Reinhold Hugo Riesenfeld Hugo Wehrle Hyacinthe Eléonore Klosé I. De Dios Gonzalez Avila Ida Henriette da Fonseca Ignacio Cervantes Ignacy Feliks Dobrzyński Ignacy Jan Paderewski Ignatz Waghalter Ignaz Brüll Ignaz Moscheles Ignaz Ziegler Immanuel Faisst Ingeborg Bronsart Irene Audain Ireno Batista Lopes Irvine Dearnaley Isaac Albéniz Isaac Baker Woodbury Isaac Doles Isaac Nathan Isaac Van Vleck Flagler Isidor Ascher Isidor Bajić Isidore Witmark István Bartalus Ivan Caryll Ivan Zajc Iwan Müller J Ehrich J. A. Baker J. Adams J. Alford J. B. Bacon J. Barnitz Bacon J. C. Adams J. C. Crozier J. C. Engelbrecht J. Dreyer J. Fabian J. Frank Donahoe J. Franz J. H. Woods J. Haydn Waud J. J. Fast J. Marc Chautagne J. R. Abbott J. Stuart Archer J. Weingärtner J. Willard Adams Jacek Rządkowski Jacob Fabricius Jacob Henry Ellis Jacob Kunkel Jacob Niclas Ahlström Jacob Rosenhain Jacopo Foroni Jacques Aubert Jacques Blumenthal Jacques Bosch Jacques Chanaud Jacques Du Sautoy Jacques Durand Jacques Féréol Mazas Jacques Franco-Mendès Jacques Offenbach Jacques-Albert Anschütz Jacques-Louis Battmann Jacques-Marie Beauvarlet-Charpentier Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens Jakob Blied Jakob Dont Jakob Zeugheer James A. Bland James A. Butterfield James Bellak James Edmond Farrow James Flint James Gowdy Clark James Henry Fillmore James J. Freeman James L. Ensign James M. Wehli James Melville Fulton James Philip Dunn James Remington Fairlamb James William Elliott Jan Blockx Jan Brandts Buys Jan Karol Gall Jan Kubelík Jan Ladislav Dussek Ján Levoslav Bella Jan Nepomucen Bobrowicz Jan Nepomuk Augustin Vitásek Jan Václav Voříšek János Bihari Jāzeps Vītols Jean Baptiste Casimir Fabre Jean Baptiste de Fier Jean Baptiste van den Eeden Jean Barbier Jean Becker Jean Conte Jean Cras Jean de Chantérac Jean Delphin Alard Jean Jacques Dreuilh Jean Jules Auguste Wiernsberger Jean Sibelius Jean Vogt Jean-Baptiste Arban Jean-Baptiste Davaux Jean-Baptiste Duvernoy Jean-Baptiste Faure Jean-Baptiste Weckerlin Jean-François Dumon Jean-Hippolyte Cousin Jean-Louis Duport Jean-Philippe Rameau Jeanne Blancard Jeanne Danglas Jenő Hubay Jerome Duval Jesse Bowman Aikin Joachim Andersen Joachim Boissaux Joachim Neergaard Joachim Raff Joan Baptista Pujol João da Matta João Domingos Bomtempo Joaquín Valverde Joaquín Cassadó Joaquín Espín y Guillén Joaquín María Vehils Joaquín Turina Joel Engel Johan Albert van Eijken Johan Alfred Ahlström Johan Amberg Johan Bartholdy Johan Halvorsen Johan Peter Emilius Hartmann Johann Anton André Johann Baptist Bauer Johann Baptist Cramer Johann Baptist Vanhal Johann Brandl Johann Carl Eschmann Johann Christian Weeber Johann Decker-Schenk Johann Diebold Johann Döcker Johann Evangelist Brandl Johann Fiala Johann Franz Xaver Sterkel Johann Friedrich Bunte Johann Friedrich Hugo von Dalberg Johann Friedrich Reichardt Johann Georg Albrechtsberger Johann Georg Herzog Johann Heinrich Bonawitz Johann Heinrich Carl Bornhardt Johann Heinrich Clasing Johann Joseph Abert Johann Kaspar Mertz Johann Ludwig Böhner Johann Nepomuk Hummel Johann Rudolf Ahle Johann Ruprecht Dürrner Johann Strauss Jr Johann Strauss Sr Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda Johann Wilhelm Wilms Johannes Bernardus van Bree Johannes Beschnitt Johannes Brahms Johannes Christian Beurle Johannes Christoph Andreas Zahn Johannès Donjon Johannes Eduard Franz Bölsche Johannes Frederik Frøhlich Johannes Hendricus Franciskus Vink Johannes Meinardus Coenen Johannes Verhulst Johannes Wepf John A. West John Alexander Fuller-Maitland John Augustus Darling John Baietti John Balsir Chatterton John Baptiste Calkin John Barnett John Bull John C. Andrews John C. Baker John Carlowitz Ames John Clifton John Clinton John Coperario John Curwen John David Davis John Farmer John Field John Francis Barnett John George Callcott John Goldthwait Adams John Henry Cornell John Hyatt Brewer John J. Fitzpatrick John Lewis Browne John Liptrot Hatton John Lloyd Williams John Lodge Ellerton John M. Abbot John Morgan Bentley John Oscar Casey John Parsons Beach John Philip Sousa John Spencer Camp John Stainer John Thomas Craven John Thomas Douglass John W. Bischoff John White John Wiegand John William Dadmun John Zundel John-Henri Croisier José Avelino Canongia José Bernardo Alzedo José Berr José Broca José Comellas José de Cor-de-Lass José Ferrer José Maria Xavier Josef Bayer Josef Drahlovský Josef Fahrbach Josef Franz Wagner Josef Gabriel Rheinberger Josef Leopold Zvonař Josef Löw Josef Slavík Josef Suk Josef Venantius Wöss Josef Venzl Josef Wanczura Josef Weiss Josef Werner Josef Zöhrer Josep Anselm Clavé Joseph Achron Joseph Anton Xaver Auffmann Joseph Ascher Joseph Augustine Wade Joseph Barnby Joseph Batta Joseph Béesau Joseph Bernard Woets Joseph Bonnet Joseph Brackett Joseph Callaerts Joseph Clavel Joseph Cox Bridge Joseph Darcier Joseph Delafosse Joseph Dessauer Joseph Dieudonne Tagliafico Joseph Dominik Joseph Doppler Joseph Drechsler Joseph Eybler Joseph Gossec Joseph H. Adams Joseph Haas Joseph Henri Altès Joseph Joachim Joseph Jongen Joseph Lanner Joseph Mayseder Joseph Milton Wellings Joseph Miroslav Weber Joseph Philbrick Webster Joseph Renner Joseph Siegmund Bachmann Joseph Teodor Vilar Joseph von Blumenthal Joseph Wagner Joseph Warren Joseph White Joseph Williams Joseph Woelfl Joseph Xaver Brauchle Joseph-Denis Doche Józef Elsner Józef Wybicki József Bloch Juan Alais Juan Arribas y Arribas Juan Bautista Alberdi Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga Juan Morel Campos Juan Pedro Esnaola Jules Bénard Jules Berleur Jules Bordier Jules Bovéry Jules Brosset Jules Cazenaud Jules Clémandh Jules Cohen Jules Cordin Jules Costé Jules Cressonnois Jules Danbé
Jules Daniel Jules Demersseman Jules Domerc Jules Duprato Jules Egghard Jules Massenet Jules ten Brink Julián Aguirre Julián Arcas Julian Edwards Julian Fontana Julián Santos Carrión Julius André Julius Bechgaard Julius Benedict Julius Bittner Julius Bleichmann Julius Constantin Becker Julius Cyriax Julius Eichberg Julius Fiesenig Julius Fučík Julius Klengel Julius Reubke Julius Weismann Julius Weiss Julius Weissenborn Justin Clérice Juventino Rosas K. Dreyschock Karel Bendl Karel Weis Karl Adolf Lorenz Karl Anton Florian Eckert Karl Attrup Karl Bleyle Karl Davydov Karl Deigendesch Karl Eisner Karl Friedrich Theodor Berthold Karl Goldmark Karl Groos Karl Heinrich Döring Karl Heinrich Georg Davin Karl Michael Ziehrer Karl Nawrátil Karl Wehle Karl Weinberger Karl Wendl Karl Wilhelm Karl Wolfrum Karol Szymanowski Kaspar Ett Kaspar Jacob Bischoff Katarzyna Brochocka Kate Vannah Katharine Whipple Dobbs Kecskeméthy Géza Döme Kemani Tatyos Ekserciyan Kenneth S. Clark Kiyomi Fujii Konrad Heubner Konrad Ludwig Dietrich Zinkeisen Konrad Rotter Konrad-Mathias Berg Konstantin Antipov Konstantin Villebois Kosta Von Calged L Coninx L. Arnau L. Elsen L. Frank Baum L. Thayer Chadwick László Zimay Laudislaus Max Danek Laura de Carvalhaes Leander Fisher Lech Chojecki Lemuel C Everett Léo Delibes Leo Fall Leo Friedman Leo Grill Leó Weiner Léon Boëllmann Léon Delahaye Léon Delcroix Léon Du Bois Léon Dufils Leon Firket Léon Froment Léon Vasseur Léon Vercken Léon Waldteufel Leonhard Emil Bach Leonhard von Call Léopold Aimon Leopold Auer Léopold Bousquier Leopold Damrosch Léopold Dancla Léopold Dauphin Leopold de Wenzel Léopold Delédicque Leopold Jansa Leopold Rudolph Leopold von Zenetti Leopold Wallner Leopoldina Blahetka Leoš Janáček Lili Boulanger Linus Smith Everett Lionel A. Alexander Louis A. Drumheller Louis Abbiate Louis Adolphe Coerne Louis Benedictus Louis Bödecker Louis Brassin Louis Campbell-Tipton Louis César Desormes Louis Charles Elson Louis Clapisson Louis Cramer Louis de Croze Louis Delune Louis Diehl Louis Diémer Louis Eller Louis Engel Louis Ferdinand Gottschalk Louis François Philippe Drouet Louis Ganne Louis Gobbaerts Louis James Alfred Lefébure-Wély Louis Lewandowski Louis Marie François Andlauer Louis Moreau Gottschalk Louis R. Feuillard Louis Raphael Dressler Louis Sauter Louis Schindelmeisser Louis Spohr Louis Théodore Gouvy Louis Van Esch Louis van Waefelghem Louis Varney Louis Victor Saar Louis Vierne Louis Vuillemin Louis Wallis Louis Zeise Louis-Albert Bourgault-Ducoudray Louis-Antoine Dubost Louis-Désiré Besozzi Louis-François Dauprat Louise Bertin Louise Chouquet Louise Farrenc Lowell Mason Luciano Albites Lucien Durand Lucien Gates Chaffin Lucien-Marie Aube Lucy A. Ayer Lucy B. Baker Lucy Crane Lucy Etheldred Broadwood Ludvig Birkedal-Barfod Ludvig Schytte Ludvig Zinck Ludwig Zerkowitz Ludwig Abel Ludwig Albrecht Ludwig André Ludwig Berger Ludwig Bonvin Ludwig Ebner Ludwig Eckel Ludwig Engländer Ludwig Erk Ludwig Felix Brandts Buys Ludwig Fischer Ludwig Hermann Otto Finzenhagen Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig Wiedemann Ludwig Wolf Luigi Arditi Luigi Badia Luigi Bassi Luigi Biscardi Luigi Bordèse Luigi Bottazzo Luigi Caracciolo Luigi Cervi Luigi Cherubini Luigi Concone Luigi Criscuolo Luigi de Alberti Luigi Denza Luigi Falcone Luigi Forino Luigi Mapelli Luigi Maria Viviani Luis Alonso Luis Antonio Calvo Luis Foglietti Alberola Luther Orlando Emerson M. A. Dennis M. Aledo M. Aspinall M. P. Alexander M. Wisotzky Mabel Hyde Bourne Mads Gregers Dam Manuel Ponce Manuel de Falla Manuel Dello Manuel Fernández Caballero Manuel Rodrigues Coelho Manuel Villar Marc Delmas Marcelo Boasso Marcial del Adalid Marco Anzoletti Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti Marco Bordogni Marco Enrico Bossi Marguerite Casalonga Maria Caterina Rosalbina Caradori-Allan Maria Collard Marie de Cournand Marie-Thérèse de Corvaïa Marietta Brambilla Mario Fulvio Marius Boullard Marius Carman Mark Andrews Martial Caillebotte Martin Pierre Marsick Martiniano Ribeiro Bastos Mary Ann Dibdin Mary Anne Roper Wragg Mary E. Walsh Mary Fauche Mary Helen Brown Mary J. Anguera Mathias Joseph Hubert Beltjens Matteo Carcassi Matvey Ivanovich Bernard Maude Valérie White Maurice Arnold Maurice Bourges Maurice Decourcelle Maurice Duhamel Maurice Emmanuel Mauro Giuliani Max Battke Max Birn Max Brauer Max Bruch Max Burger Max Erdmannsdörfer Max Fiedler Max Filke Max Friedlaender Max Lewandowsky Max Puchat Max Reger Max Scherek Max Spicker Max Vogrich Max Zenger Maxime Alkan Maximilian Zorer Mel Bonis Melecio Brull Michael Connelly Michael Costa Michael Dachs Michael Gotthard Fischer Michael Henkel Michael Watson Michael William Balfe Michał Bergson Michel Berson Michel Pignolet de Montéclair Michele Carafa Michele Esposito Mieczysław Karłowicz Miguel Ramón Arena Rodríguez Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis Mikhail Antsev Mikhail Azanchevsky Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka Mikhail Vysotsky Milo Ellsworth Benedict Mily Balakirev Minor Coe Baldwin Miska Borzó Modest Mussorgsky Moritz Brosig Moritz Moszkowski Moritz Vogel Moritz Weyermann Mortimer Wilson Mosè Isidori Borsani Mrs. Crosby Adams Mrs. St. John Adcock Muzio Clementi Mykola Leontovych Myles Birket Foster N Faber N. V. Bacon Nannie Louise Wright Napoleón Coste Napoléon-Joseph Colbert Napoleone Carozzi Narciso Aguabella Narcisse Bousquet Natalie Curtis Burlin Natalie Duesberg Natanael Berg Nathan Hale Allen Nazaire Beeckman Niccolò Dôthel Niccolò Paganini Niccolò van Westerhout Nicholas Charles Bochsa Nicholas J. Elsenheimer Nicola Vaccai Nicola Fusco Nicolai von Wilm Nicolas Chamié Nicolas Dalayrac Nicolas Du Chemin Nicolas-Joseph Wackenthaler Nicolas-Lambert Wéry Nicolò Celega Nicolo Isouard Niels Gade Nikolai Zhilyayev Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Nikolaj Hansen Nikolay Yusupov Nikolay Afanasyev Nikolay Amani Nikolay Artsybushev Nils Chrisander Noah Brandt Noël Desjoyeaux Norbert Burgmüller O. A. Archer O. S. Adams Odoardo Barri Ödön Farkas Olaf Emil Eriksen Ole Bull Olga Grevenkop Castenskiold Olivia Dussek Onorato Costa Oreste Ravanello Orlando Gibbons Osborne Edmundson Oscar Beringer Oscar Borg Oscar Brückner Óscar de la Cinna Oscar Fetrás Oscar Franz Oscar Fuchs Oscar von Chelius Oscar Weil Oskar Böhme Oskar Bolck Oskar Nedbal Oskar Wermann Otakar Sevčík Otis Bardwell Boise Ottavio Festa Otto Barblan Otto Beständig Otto Bonnell Otto Dorn Otto Dresel Otto Eitle Otto Fleischmann Otto Nicolai Otto Weber Otto Winter-Hjelm Ottokar Nováček Ottokar Wöber Ottorino Respighi Owen Fawcett P Zavadowsky P. A. Andreu P. Th. Wallin Pablo de Sarasate Pandora Selfridge Paolo Amatucci Pascal d' Aix Pasquale Bona Pasquale Mario Costa Paul Ambrose Paul B. Armstrong Paul Bahr Paul Barbot Paul Bernard Paul Blumenthal Paul Büttner Paul Chabeaux Paul Colberg Paul Corder Paul Cressonnois Paul Cuzent Paul d' Acosta Paul de Wailly Paul Dedieu-Péters Paul Destribaud Paul Didier Paul Dukas Paul Ertel Paul Julien Delmet Paul Juon Paul Lacôme d'Estalenx Paul Nikolaus Cossmann Paul Pabst Paul Taffanel Paul Viardot Paul Vidal Paul Wachs Paul Wagner Paul Wetzger Pauline Chester Pauline Duchambge Pauline Viardot Pavel Blaramberg Pavel Chesnokov Pavel Maksimovich Vorotnikov Pedro Felipe Figueredo Per Lasson Per Winge Percy Carter Buck Percy Eastman Fletcher Percy Elliott Percy Grainger Percy Hilder Miles Perley Dunn Aldrich Peter Benoît Peter Cavallo Peter Cornelius Peter Henri van der Weyde Peter von Winter Peter Warlock Philip Armes Philip Bliss Philip Cipriani Hambly Potter Philip Louis Brachet Philip Mathias Wolsieffer Philipp Ernst Philipp Fahrbach Jr. Philipp Fahrbach Sr. Philipp Gottlieb Anton Sr. Philipp Jakob Riotte Philipp Scharwenka Philipp Wolfrum Philipp zu Eulenburg Philippe Bellenot Philippe Courras Philippe Flon Philippe Gaubert Phillipe Raphael Jean Baptiste Verini Pierre Attaingnant Pierre Baillot Pierre Crémont Pierre de Chrząstowski Pierre François Clodomir Pierre Rode Pierre-Louis Deffès Pietro Antonio Coppola Pietro Bertuzzi Pietro Bossi Pietro Cesari Pietro Codini Pietro Floridia Pietro Morlacchi Pietro Pettoletti Pilade Chelazzi Platon Brounoff Polibio Fumagalli Pompilio Casotti Prince Joachim Albrecht of Prussia Procida Bucalossi Prosper Coinquet Prudent Louis Aubéry du Boulley Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky R. Albert R. Fuchs R. H. Agar R.F. Martin Akerman Rafael Aceves y Lozano Rafael Calleja Rafael Cebreros Raffaele Billema Ralph Dunstan Ralph Lyman Baldwin Ralph Vaughan Williams Ramon Aquabella Raoul Brunel Raoul Chassain Raoul Dubuisseaux Raphael Dressler Raymond Huntington Woodman Reinhard Frederik Bokelmann Reinhold Becker Rémy Clavers Renato Brogi Renaud de Vilbac René Chansarel René Chesnet René de Boisdeffre René Esclavy René Favarger René Louis Becker Reynaldo Hahn Ricardo Castro Ricardo Ferreira De Carvalho Ricardo Porfyrio da Fonseca Riccardo Drigo Richard Andersson Richard Barth Richard Bartmuss Richard Batka Richard Burmeister Richard Eilenberg Richard Franck Richard Henry Walthew Richard Henry Warren Richard Kram Richard Kursch Richard Manning Blagrove Richard Robert Chope Richard Strauss Richard von Perger Richard Wagner Richard Wickenhausser Richard Wüerst Robert Ambrose Robert Edward Bridson Robert Emile Bockmühl Robert Fischhof Robert Franz Robert Fuchs Robert Führer Robert Hood Bowers Robert Nathaniel Dett Robert Nathaniel Emmerich Robert Schumann Robert Volkmann Robert Vollstedt Roberto Remondi Roch Albert Roderich Bass Rodolphe Berger Rodolphe Kreutzer Roffredo Caetani Roger Ascham Roland de Berton Rose Bravenz Roy Agnew Rudolf Bial Rudolf Bibl Rudolf Braun Rudolf Dellinger Rudolf Dobritzsch Rudolf Drumm Rudolf Willmers Rudolfus Adam Rudolph Aronson Rudolph Barth Rudolph Bay Rudolph Bergh Ruggiero Leoncavallo Ruperto Chapí Ruth Dana S. M. Andreas Sabas Maury Sabine Baring-Gould Salomo Heinrich Bodenschatz Salomon Jadassohn Salvador Viniegra y Lasso de la Vega Samuel Ackerman Samuel Alexandre Rousseau Samuel Ashmead Samuel Augustus Ward Samuel Brenton Whitney Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Samuel David Samuel de Lange Sr. Samuel Prowse Warren Samuel Sebastian Wesley Samuel Wakefield Saverio Mercadante Scotson Clark Scott Joplin Sebastián Yradier Semyon Aksyonov Semyon Barmotin Semyon Panchenko Septimus Winner Serafino Alassio Serafino Amedeo De Ferrari Sergei Rachmaninoff Sergei Taneyev Sergey Lyapunov Sextus Miskow Sigfrid Karg-Elert Sigismond Blumenfeld Sigismond Thalberg Sigismund Neukomm Simon Adler Simone Verovio Sophia Dussek Sourindro Mohun Tagore Stanislao Falchi Stanislao Gastaldon Stanislas Verroust Stefano Donaudy Stephan Krehl Stephane Ansons Stephen Albert Emery Stephen Foster Stephen Heller Steven Burns Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson Søffren Degen T. Atkins Tad Fischer Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska Télémaque Claes Teodoro Cottrau Teresa Carreño Teresita Tagliapietra-Carreño Th. Windingstad Théo Ysaÿe Theobald Boehm Theodor Billroth Theodor Bubeck Theodor Döhler Theodor Drath Theodor Eisfeld Theodor H. H. Verhey Theodor Kullak Theodor von Frimmel Theodor Winkler Theodore Akimenko Théodore Botrel Theodore Distin Théodore Dubois Théodore Salomé Theodore Xavier Tanner Theophil Forchhammer Thérèse Wartel Thomas Täglichsbeck Thomas Valentine Thomas Adams I Thomas Adams II Thomas Aptommas Thomas Attwood Thomas Attwood Walmisley Thomas Baker Thomas Barrett Thomas Brigham Bishop Thomas Comer Thomas Edward Bulch Thomas O'Brien Butler Thomas Paul Chipp Thomas Payne Westendorf Thomas Philando Ryder Thomas Wiggins Tito Mattei Tomás Adiego Navarro Tomás Bretón Tomás Damas Tomás Giribaldi Tor Aulin Traugott Maximilian Eberwein Uzziah Christopher Burnap V Cornette V. Abrahams V. Alhan V. Bruyer V. Danilevsky Václav Veit Valborg Aulin Valentin Zubiaurre Various Vasily Bezekirsky Vasily Vrangel Vasily Vurm Vernon Eville Vicente Costa Nogueras Victor Van Geyseghem Victor Alphonse Duvernoy Victor Bendix Victor Ceuppens Victor Dolmetsch Victor Dourlen Victor Ewald Victor Frédéric Verrimst Victor Herbert Victor Massé Victor von Woikowsky-Biedau Victor Vreuls Vincent Aloïse Amann Vincent d' Indy Vincenzo Amici Vincenzo Battista Vincenzo Bellini Vincenzo Cirillo Vincenzo Corbellini Vincenzo Daddario Vincenzo De Crescenzo Vincenzo de Meglio Vincenzo Di Chiara Vincenzo Ferroni Vittorio Baravalle Vladimir Dyck Vladimir Pogozhev Vladislav Aloiz Volkmar Busch W. M. Akhurst W. P. Badger W. Weide Waddington Cooke Waldemar von Baussnern Walter Braunfels Walter F. Craig Walter Niemann Wenzel Thomas Matiegka Wiktor Zientarski Wilfred Bendall Wilhelm Aletter Wilhelm Attern Wilhelm Bauck Wilhelm Berger Wilhelm Braun Wilhelm Claussen Wilhelm Conradi Wilhelm Döring Wilhelm Eyle Wilhelm Fitzenhagen Wilhelm Gottlieb Becker Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski Wilhelm Neuland Wilhelm Popp Wilhelm Rust Wilhelm Stenhammar Wilhelm Valentin Volckmar Will Wood Willem Coenen Willem Feltzer William Alexander Barrett William Alexander Campbell Cruickshank William André William Appo William Baettenhaussen William Ball William Batchelder Bradbury William Berwald William Chaumet William Conrad William Dressler William Edmund William Edwin Ashmall William Faulkes William Foster Apthorp William George Cusins William Gillies Whittaker William Hayman Cummings William Henry Dana William Henry Fry William Horatio Clarke William Kipp Bassford William Orville Fiske William P. Adams William R. Babcock William Ralph Driffill William Rogers Chapman William Sereno Waith William Sterndale Bennett William Thomas Best William Thomas Dale William Vincent Wallace William Walker William Wolstenholme William Yeates Hurlstone Witold Maliszewski Woldemar Bargiel Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wulf Fries Władisław Zaremba Władysław Zeleński Xaver Scharwenka Xavier Boisselot Xavier van Elewyck Yevgeny Alenev Yihan Chen Zdeněk Fibich Zenón Rolón Zequinha Abreu


Aaron Dunn Aaron, Glen Prillaman Accordion orchestra Avanti Adalgisa Gabbi Adam Cuerden Adelina Patti Advent Chamber Orchestra Alan Chan Albert Vaguet Alberto Eliseo Méndez Blackaller Alessandro Moreschi Alessio Cesaroni Alex Klein Alexander Ghindin Alexander Murray Alice Hwang Allen Wang Alonso del Arte Amadeo Modigliani Quartet Andreas Pfaul Andreas Xenopoulos Andreea Dumitrescu Andrew Helberg Andrys Basten Angela Yurchenko Anna Ouspenskaya Anonymous Anton Belov Ariav Buchris Ariel Martín Bellio Ars opera Arthur Grossman Arthur Nikisch Artur Schnabel Aurelia Vișovan Ava Nazar Aya Higuchi Banda de Música Theodoro de Faria Banda Federal de Extremadura Banda Theodoro de Faria Bárbara Perelman Belcea Quartet Ben Redwine Benjamin Intartaglia Benjamin Moser Bernhard Schneider Bernhard Sonnerstedt Bert Alink Beziers Musike BNTT-Piano Bohumir Stehlik Bootynonstop Borromeo String Quartet Bradley Chapman Brett Bachus Brevard Music Center Orchestra Bui-Nguyen Trieu-Tuong Carl Banner Carla Paz Andrade Carlos Gardels Carmelo Mantione Caroline Goulding Cecile Licad Celine Gietzen Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Chamber Philharmonic Taipei Chamber Winds of the USAF Heritage of America Band Charles Kaufmann Charles Ko Chiara Bertoglio Chris Borovas & Georgia Tsolaki Christian Gerharz Christine Tranchant Christoph Lahme Christoph Zbinden Claremont Trio Claudia Klinkenberg Colin Carr Collegium Musicum of Köln Concerto Copenhagen Concerto Musica de Camara Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Constantin Stephan Corey Cerovsek Coro e Orquestra da UEMG Coro e Orquestra Ribeiro Bastos Costantino Catena Daniel Blanch Danielle Talamantes - Igor Zubkovsky - Diane Winter Pyles Das Orchester Tsumugi David H. Porter Davis High School Symphony Orchestra Debbie Hu Den Pisarevsky Denis Carpenter DePaul University Symphony Diana Hughes Diego Lozada Ghirardi Donald Betts Dorris Celuch Eastern Wind Symphony Edoardo Turbil and Miriam Prandi Edson Lopes Eduardo Viñuela Edward Auer Edward Neeman Edward Rosser Edwin Henry Lemare Elizabeth Spencer, Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison Elizaveta Sushchenko Emanuel Salvador Enrico Caruso Ensemberlino Vocale Ensemble Alexandre Ensemble Stil Moderno Erik Jan Eradus Ethan James McCollum
European Archive F. Lisanti Filharmonický orchestr Iwasaki Flatirons Community Orchestra Francesco Tamagno Francis King-Smith Frank Levy Frederic Rzewski Fulda Symphonic Orchesta Gardner Chamber Orchestra Gavin Mai Geir Henning Braathen Gerluz Gilad Arnon Gleb Ivanov Glen Hoban Glen W. Prillaman Gordon Rowland Gregory Maytan - Nicole Lee Guido Gialdini Guy Katz Hans Goldstein Harris Andersen Heather W. Reichgott Heinrich Schlusnuss Hielko Ubels Ilaria Baldaccini Irrera Brothers Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Ithaca College Band Ivan Ilic Ivan Kivelidi Jacques Pottier Jaehyun Park Janet Seitzer Jason Chiu Jason Solomonides Jean Dubé Jean Francaix Jean-Claude Féret Jeannette Fang Jeff Carter Jeff Manookian Jennifer Johnson Cano Jeremy Denk Jeremy Ng Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra Johanna John Michel Jonathan Biss Jonathan Lowe Jonathan Vered Jordi Rumbau Joseph Schmidt Józef Hofmann Julia Röntz - Wolfgang Müller-Steinbach Julián Pernett Castilla Jupiter String Quartet Jürgen Knuth Jürgen Noll Kaila Rochelle Karine Gilanyan Karyn Friedman - Betty Hauck - Carl Banner Katherine Chi Kimiko Ishizaka Konstantin Semilakovs Laetitia Hahn Lalageh Ebrahimian Lambis Vassiliadis Leonard Frey-Maibach Leonard Goh Liza Zimina Louis Sauter Lucrezia Bori Ludmil Angelov Luis Sarro Luke Faulkner Luke Palmer Lydia J. Roth Lynn Kuo Marco Alejandro Gil Esteva Maren Matthias mariamyfavorite Marie Daher Mario Angiolelli Marko Zupan Markus Staab Markus Zaja Marta Chaloupka Martha Goldstein Martina Filjak Matthew Hughes Mauro Tortorelli Mehmet K. Okonsar Michael Baker Michael Behrendt Michael Reno McMahon Michael Schopen Michael Sikich Michał Czaposki Michel Rondeau Michele Zukovsky Mikhail Petukhov Minna Liu Mosaica Muriel Nguyen Xuan Musicians from Ravinia's Steans Music Institute MusicMike512 Musikkapelle St. Jakob am Arlberg Musopen String Quartet Musopen Symphony Natsumi Kataoka Neal O'Doan Nicholas Lewis - Kenneth Gill Nick Kendall - Robert Koenig
Nico De Napoli Nicolás Pellón Nicole Brancale Old Aeolian player piano roll Olenka Matseliukh Olga Gurevich Oliver Colbentson orchestra del teatro alla scala milano Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux Orion Quartet Orquesta Sinfónica CMUS Santiago de Compostela Orquestra Ribeiro Bastos Orquestra Sinfônica de Minas Gerais Paavali Jumppanen Pandora Selfridge Paolo Dalmoro Papalin Papasyuzo Pascal Hercé Patricia Taylor Paul Pitman Paul Pitman, Bang-Eun Lee Paul Pitman, Michael Arnold, Bang-Eun Lee Paula Robison Peter Bradley-Fulgoni Peter McKenzie Armstrong Peter van der Zwaag Philadelphia Orchestra Ping Private tape Quatuor Quatre Saisons Radek Materka Randall Scarlata Randolph Hokanson Raul Manjarrez Rawson Duo Raymond Smullyan Richard Stoltzman Rika Masato Rob Peters Robert Rønnes Roberto Poli Roland Lopes Roxana Pavel Goldstein Ruben Lorenzo Ruud Meester Sam Chan Saša Gerželj-Donaldson Selva Vocale Sergei Rachmaninoff Sergio DuBois Seymour Lipkin Shanti Shelby Trevor Shuwen Zhang Silei Li Simone Renzi Sinfonia of Leeds Skidmore College Orchestra Sofja Gülbadamova Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet Stefan Landon Smith Stefano Ligoratti Steve Jones Steve Whitman Steve Wiberg Steve's Bedroom Band Steven David Tung Steven Robert Otto Steven Speciale Stone Soup Symphony Stuart Summers Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra of Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic Society Syuzanna Kaszo Takashi Sato Tal Agam Teo Vincent The BannerArts Trio The Pascal String Quartet Thorsten Pirkl Timor Shapira Timothy Coriddi Tony Wilkenson Trinity Choir Ulrik Spang-Hanssen Uncredited in old Documents United States Marine Band University of Chicago Orchestra Ursula Oppens and DuPage Symphony Orchestra US Air Force Band US Army Band US Army Strings US Marine Chamber Orchestra US Military Academy Band US Navy Band USAF Heritage of America Band Vadim Chaimovich Veronika Ilinskaya Virya Duo Viviane Hagner Voytek Gagalka Walter F. Zielke Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony Wendy Warner West Saxon Symphony Orchestra William McColl Wolfram Wittekind Xuan He Yeonjin Kim and Christopher Harding Yiyang Shi and Yuan Cao Yu-Shu Tsai Yvonne Luo Zina Hawadi Zuzana Šimurdová