Othon-Joseph Vandenbroek Ноты

  • Родился: 20th Декабрь 1758
  • Умер: 18th Октябрь 1832
  • Место рождения: Belgium

Othon Joseph Vandenbroecke was a Belgian composer, conductor and hornist. Vandenbroecke studied horn in F. Banneux, he was the soloist in the band of Charles of Lorraine around 1775. He taught composition at Fuchs in Amsterdam. A certain time, he also worked in the music chapel of Charles of Lorraine in Brussels under the direction of the bandmaster P. van Malderen. In 1782 he went to Maastricht and worked in the orchestra of the Théâtre Français. But in 1783 he moved to Paris where he played concerts at the Loge Olympique.

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