Marc-Antoine Charpentier

Marc-Antoine Charpentier Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Рожден
  • Умер
    24th Февраль 1704
  • Место рождения
    Paris, France

Marc Antoine Charpentier was a French composer of the Baroque era. Exceptionally prolific and versatile, he produced compositions of the highest quality in several genres. His mastery in writing sacred vocal music, above all, was recognized and hailed by his contemporaries. He was unrelated to Gustave Charpentier, the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth French opera composer.

Название Форма Инструмент Рейтинги
Noël pour les instruments, H.531 Christmas Carols Orchestra
Noël sur les instruments, H.534 Christmas Carols Orchestra
Concert pour 4 parties de violes, H. 545 Concerto Chamber group
Cur mundus militat, H. 379 Motet Voice(s) and Instruments
Domine salvum, H.305 Motet Voice(s) and Orchestra
Egredimini filiæ Sion, H.280 Motet Voice(s) and Instruments
Élévation au St Sacrement, H.264 Motet Voice(s) and Orchestra
Euge serve bone, H.375 Motet Voice(s) and Piano
Filius prodigus, H.399 Motet Voice(s) and Orchestra
Lauda Sion, H.268 Motet Voice(s) and Piano
O amor, o bonitas, H.279 Motet Voice(s) and Instruments
O Salutaris, H.262 Motet Voice(s) and Instruments
O vos amici mei, H.377 Motet Voice(s) and Instruments
Panis angelicus voce sola, H.243 Motet Voice(s) and Orchestra
Peccavi Domine, H.378 Motet Voice(s) and Instruments
Peccavi Domine, peccavi multum, H.378 Motet Voice(s) and Orchestra
Pour Saint Augustin mourant, H.419 Motet Voice(s) and Instruments
Pour Ste. Anne, H.315 Motet Voice(s) and Orchestra
Victimae paschali laudes, H.13 Motet Voice(s) and Orchestra
Actéon, H. 481 Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra