Manuel Blasco de Nebra Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Рожден
    2nd Май 1750
  • Умер
    12th Сентябрь 1784
  • Место рождения
    Seville, Spain

Manuel Orlandi Blasco de Nebra was a Spanish organist and composer who lived in Seville. He was the son of José Blasco de Nebra (Lacarra), the organist of Seville Cathedral since 1735, and became his assistant organist in 1768, taking over in 1778. He was renowned for his excellent sight-reading and playing of the organ, harpsichord and fortepiano, of which some impression can be obtained from his surviving compositions. During his short life (he predeceased his father), he composed about 170 works, although only 30, all for keyboard instrument, are still in existence.

Фильтр Скрыть
Instruments Piano
Forms Sonata