Карл Август Фишер Ноты

  • Родился: 25th Июль 1828
  • Умер: 25th Декабрь 1892
  • Место рождения: Ebersdorf bei Chemnitz, Germany

Carl August Fischer was a German composer and organist. He worked as an organist at the English and the St. Anne's Church, and later the Epiphany Church in Dresden. Concert tours have taken him to Prague, London and Edinburgh. According to Franz Liszt, He was one of the outstanding organists of his time. As a composer, he wrote four symphonies for organ and orchestra, a triad of three organ concerts (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost), pieces for violin and cello, and organ suites. The professor of music history, Markus Rathey, described Fischer as solid composer who knew how to deal skillfully with the formal language of romantic organ sonata (in Organ International 03/2001).

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