Chopin Andantino 'Spring', B. 117

Although Frédéric Chopin is best known for his piano works, he wrote throughout his life a number of voice and piano songs, set to Polish texts, which were published partially in 1857 (less than ten years after his death) and then in 1910 in full version. The song Spring (Wiosna) was written around 1838, and at the time of its publication it was assigned the op. number 72/4. It has since come to be known by its Brown catalogue number, B. 116. Chopin arranged the song as a piano solo work at some point, and this arrangement is now known as Andantino, B. 117. Franz Liszt also transcribed the song for piano solo as no. 2 of his Six Chants polonais, S.480, written between 1847 and 1860.
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Andantino 'Spring', B. 117


Andantino 'Spring', B. 117


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