CC PD license of this music still valid or not? I've got a copyright claim from YouTube for this music.

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Hi! I love Musopen! I appreciate your effort in sharing great music with us. I visited your FB to ask a question about the Public Domain license status of Romance De Juegos Prohibidos performed by Jim Greeninger. Here is the page link of the music: Recently, I uploaded a YouTube video that had this music used as BGM. Upon uploading the video, I got a loyalty claim. I disputed this claim because I knew this music is shared with a PD license on your website. A few weeks ago, I got a rejection e-mail from YouTube. The copyright owner was "Dance all Day" on behalf of Amila Jay. I checked out the link to the music they referred to in the rejection e-mail, which said: Track 3 (1.0) Shanika Lakmali Content found during 0:00 - 2:41. This is the YouTube video link of this music: When I played the video, I found that this music is identical to the music I used for my video. In the rejection e-mail, there is Amila Jay mentioned. I checked out this person's YouTube channel. There is another track 3 (1.0). Here is the music video link of the music. When I played it, I learned that it was played on the piano, not on the classical guitar. Sorry, for my lengthy explanation of the situation. To make a long story short, does this music belong to Public Domain or not? If so, can you correct this wrong copyright ownership on YouTube? If not, can you correct the Public Domain license on your site? Thank you so much for your time in reading my posting. Best regards, Monica


Hi there, I am very much interested in using "Romance De Juegos Prohibidos, perfomed by Jim Greeninger" on my Youtube channel; however, I do not want to run into the same issues mention by Monica. Would anyone there be able to inform me as to whether or not the Copy Right Claim Monica received on Youtube was resolved? And, whether or not I many proceed to use it as well? I would very much love to share a dance to this piece. Thank you for looking into this. Regards, Taylor.

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