20 Compositions for Organ

14 works listed (6 free spaces):Andante in C majorAndante in D majorAndante in B♭ major Variations on the Choral, Nuremburg Variations on the Choral, Luther’s Judgement Hymn Variations on the Choral, Ein’ Feste Burg Sarabande (We Three Kings) Toccata on a Theme by Woldemar Bargiel Prelude and Fugue (Jerusalem the Golden) Canon Diatonic Fugue (C major) Fugue in A minor Fugue in F majorFugue in G major

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No.1. Andante in C major
No.2. Andante in D major
No.3. Andante in B♭ major
No.5. Variations on Chorale, "Luther’s Judgment Hymn"
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Henry Stephen Cutler Books Organ Romantic

Henry Stephen Cutler

Henry Stephen Cutler studied organ under A. U. Hayter, organist of Trinity Church in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1844, he went to Europe ...