Cello Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The violoncello (or cello) is an instrument from the violin family. It has four strings tuned in perfect fifths. It became popular in the first decades of the 18th century, eventually replacing the bass violin and other mid-sized similar bowed chordophones. Nowadays the can be found in orchestras or a solo instrument, and less frequently in some modern ensembles, including rock bands. Music for the cello is usually written in the bass clef, but both tenor and treble clefs are used for high passages.

Título Compositor Formulário Período Avaliações
Aria Jean-Baptiste Bréval Aria / Arietta Classical
Anleitung zum Violoncellspiel Joseph Alexander Books Classical
Cello Lesson Notebook Paul Coutan Books Early 20th Century
Das Violoncell und seine Geschichte Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski Books Romantic
École du violoncelle, Opp.19-21, 34 Jacques Offenbach Books Romantic
Elementary Method for Cello, Op.133 Cosme José de Benito Books Classical
Essai sur le doigté du violoncelle, et sur la conduite de l'archet Jean-Louis Duport Books Classical
La Technique du Violoncelle Paul Bazelaire Books Early 20th Century
Method for the Violoncello Carl Fischer Books Classical
Méthode de Violoncelle Pierre Baillot Books Classical
Méthode de violoncelle, Op.25 Charles Nicolas Baudiot Books Romantic
Metodo elementare per violoncello Arturo Cuccoli Books Early 20th Century
Quelques Notes sur différents points importants de la Technique Générale du Violoncelle Paul Bazelaire Books Early 20th Century
Technical Studies for the Cello, Op.28 Wilhelm Fitzenhagen Books Romantic
Technique Rationnelle du Violoncelle Jean Barbier Books Romantic
Traité théorique et pratique du violoncelle Diran Alexanian Books Romantic
Violoncell-Schule Karl Davydov Books Romantic
Violoncellschule Ludwig Albrecht Books Romantic
11 Caprices for Cello Joseph Dall'Abaco Caprice Baroque
12 Caprices for Cello, Op.7 Auguste Franchomme Caprice Romantic