Debussy Pour le piano

Claude Debussy finished his suite 'Pour le Piano', L. 95 in 1901. It was pubished that same year, with the premiere taking place in 1902. The suite consists of three movements: Prelude, Sarabande, and Toccata. The prelude was dedicated to Mlle. Worms de Romilly, who commented on its explicit evokation of Javanese music. The sarabande was initially conceived as part of the 'Images Oubliees', and as such, was dedicated to Yvonne Lerolle. This piece was later orchestrated by Maurice Ravel. The toccata was dedicated to Nicolas Coronio, a student of Debussy.


Pour le piano - Complete
Pour le piano - I. Prélude
Pour le piano - II. Sarabande
Pour le piano - III. Toccata


Pour le piano
Pour le piano
Pour le piano
Pour le piano


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