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Our mission at Zwick Law is to provide our clients with quality legal representation, professional diligence, decades of legal experience, and personal attention.

"Steven Zwick is a member of Orange County Bar Association, and Consumer zwick-team Attorneys of California. He is admitted and qualified to represent clients in all the Federal District Courts, all the Superior Courts of State of California, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, and the United States Supreme Court.

James Alquist is a member of Orange County Bar Association, and Consumer Attorneys of California. He is also admitted to practice in Central District of the United States District Court.

We have experience helping California injury victims who have struggled with the effects of their injuries. We know that a lawsuit isn’t always the answer, but, we also know that hiring a great personal injury attorney can be the difference between rebuilding your life after an injury or declaring bankruptcy. When you’re forced to fight against an insurance company, you can be sure that you’re outmatched. We have experience dealing with the insurance companies and will be your advocate in the fight against their high-paid attorneys.

We know that we cannot undo a tragedy or the damages that have come with personal injuries, but when someone is injured by someone else’s negligence, they have a right to monetary compensation for medical expense, ongoing care, the cost of rehabilitation, diminished earning capacity, lost income, or any other cost or losses that you may have incurred.

Working with our California based injury attorneys, you can expect the highest level of service.
You will have questions and we will answer them for you.

There will be a lot of information that needs to be collected- we will gather the information and build the case.

The insurance companies will do whatever they can to avoid responsibility- we will make sure they treat you fairly.

Your life will be disrupted- we will help you rebuild your life and move forward."