Donna Johnson is the author of “Getting Community” – a social networking tutorial for beginners; a marketing, branding and beauty consultant; an AVON representative; and a Work-At-Home Mom Entrepreneurship Mentor; and the founder of the nonprofit called WAHMs WIN™ – our goal is to give the advantage to disadvantaged women entrepreneurs via training and mentorship.

More About Donna Johnson of DMJ Consulting

HISTORY:Since 1996, Donna Johnson has been helping clients to create success and prevent failure by providing quality business and marketing services, with confidentiality and integrity.
MISSION: Empowering Entrepreneurial Work-At-Home-Moms Like Us to Build Profitable Businesses Online and Locally by Expanding Understanding of Marketing, Branding and Beauty. Providing Quality Products, Services and Mentoring to Facilitate This.

I am a newbie at creating machinima (video of online, virtual world animation and virtual social networking).
I am learning how to create video for promoting our nonprofit, and so that I can teach others.