Cloud Hosting Solutions from Umbrellar When it comes to domain name registration and web hosting solutions, Umbrellar Cloud Hosting is the best. Formed through the merger of ten well known brands, we have, beginning in 1997, been offering domain name and cloud hosting solutions to Marketing Agencies, SaaS developers, Large Corporate Enterprises, Web Developers and Small Businesses throughout New Zealand. Available Products and Services Available to all our clients are the following solutions: Web Hosting Solutions Umbrellar provides fast, secure website hosting, and has over 90 dedicated experts who are on standby to help you 24/7. Build your Website in a Few Simple Steps Use our online tools to have your ecommerce store, website or blog up and running in a few minutes. With our reasonably priced hosting plans and our selection of fully optimized, responsive themes, you can have your blog or website up and running in a few minutes. Cloud Servers We provide powerful enterprise-grade cloud servers that are backed by a dedicated, 24/7 Customer Support Service. Email Hosting Servers Our email hosting service is reliable and secure, and is supported by a wide range of high quality servers. Provision of Domain Names Umbrellar is New Zealand’s largest domain name provider, and has over 75 000 customers and 255 000 managed domains. Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) We provide New Zealand’s safest and most secure data back-up service. Colocation Our clients can house their hardware in one of 4 fully redundant and fault tolerant New Zealand based data centres. Managed Hosting Service For those who are looking for Dedicated Server Hosting, we have flexible solutions that are designed to give you complete control over the server environment. CDN Solutions We also have a Content Delivery Network (CDN), that is designed to make your websites and applications load faster. Digital Certificates Last but not least, Umbrellar is the largest web hosting and SSL provider in New Zealand, and has developed tailor made solutions that are meant to help secure your websites or applications through trusted partners.